Endocrinology: Finding the Best Diabetes Care Near Me

Endocrinology Dr. Richard Stern Dedication Health Chicago

If you’re looking for endocrinology or diabetes care, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that more than 100 million people have diabetes or prediabetes in the United States. Nearly 10% of the population is already diabetic, and the numbers are growing. If you’ve been recently diagnosed, it can seem like a hopeless disease, but it can […]

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Internist vs Family Doctor: Which is Right for Me?

Internist vs family doctor - which is right for me - family care physician internal medicine

When comparing an internist vs family doctor, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two at first. After all, insurance companies sometimes cover either as a primary care physician and either can treat you for various reasons. However, there are distinct differences in the two, and to determine which one is right […]

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Direct Primary Care: How is it Different from Concierge Medicine?

As you explore your options, you’ll likely wonder “What is direct primary care?” As one of several emerging types of medical practices seeing major growth across the United States, it’s commonly confused with concierge medicine. On this page, we’ll explore what it is and cover how it’s different than concierge medicine, as well as who […]

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4 Ways To Build a Trusting Doctor-Patient Relationship

Trusting Doctor-Patient Relationship Tips

You intrinsically know that your doctor-patient relationship impacts not only patient satisfaction but also the outcome of your treatment. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a care provider, such as leaving with a sensation that you weren’t heard or that your issues weren’t addressed, you already know the sinking feeling in the pit […]

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Cardiovascular Medicine: Finding a Top Cardiologist In Your Area

cardiovascular medicine near me finding a top cardiologist in chicago

If you’re looking for cardiovascular medicine and happen to be in the greater Chicago area, you’ve come to the right place. Dedication Health is a local concierge medical practice offering world-class care and an array of services to make staying healthy an easy and enjoyable process. If you’re outside the area, you’ve also come to […]

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How Do I Find a Good Rheumatologist Near Me?

Rheumatologist Dr. John E. Croghan with patient

Depending on your location, keying “rheumatologist near me” into the search box could return almost any results. If you’re in a smaller community, you may see nothing at all. In a larger city, you may have so many options it’s difficult to choose. If you’re in the greater Chicago area, searching for a good rheumatologist could […]

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5 Signs It’s Time to Change Doctors

signs its time to change doctors

Looking for signs it’s time to change doctors? If you’re worried you might not be getting the quality of care you deserve, it probably is a good idea to explore your options. However, switching up naturally means having to research physicians, obtain copies of your records, and develop a relationship with a whole new group […]

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Membership Healthcare: Is It Worth It?

membership healthcare concierge healthcare

It seems everywhere you turn these days, people are weighing the pros and cons of membership healthcare- is it worth it in terms of cost? Do I need to switch to get better care? What can I expect from a practice if I do join? Ultimately, it’s a very personal decision, and the answer will […]

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Quick Guide to Boutique Medical Services in Chicago

boutique medical services innovative concierge healthcare concierge medical care

If you’ve been considering boutique medical services in Chicago, you’re not alone. Both patients and physicians alike are moving to this model en masse. However, it’s still an emerging concept. It can be a challenge to find offices that have made the switch and pinpoint what exactly each one brings to the table. On this […]

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How Doctor Burnout is Impacting Your Care

Doctor Burnout in Chicago, US, Physician Burnout

Doctor burnout is something most don’t like to talk about, but it exists nonetheless and could be having a profound impact on the level of care you and your family receive. In order to provide a clearer picture of what’s happening in medicine today and what you can do to ensure your family receives quality […]

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