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Who Uses Concierge Medicine?

Who Uses Concierge Medicine? The real answer just might surprise you. When the model first emerged a couple decades ago, only the ultra-wealthy, such as celebrities, politicians, and CEOs could afford it. In all fairness, the stigma it gained in its infancy was well-earned, but it’s not that way at all anymore. So, who uses […]

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Concierge Medicine vs Direct Primary Care

Concierge Medicine vs Direct Primary Care Determining the differences in concierge medicine vs direct primary care can be challenging. After all, many websites, and even traditional practitioners, routinely misuse the terms or use them interchangeably, when they really are two distinct things. To learn which model is right for you, or to gain a better […]

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Concierge Medicine is Changing Healthcare

The way medical treatment is sought, offered, and given has been rapidly changing across the United States for decades, but perhaps even more so in recent years. We’ve seen the fundamental shift from patient-driven care by physicians to a model that’s largely driven by insurance companies and dictated by the government. With the emergence of […]

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The Doctor Will See You … Now

An exciting concept in modern healthcare has emerged over the last ten years, with physicians and patients turning to a more integrated approach in the ways people provide and receive medical care. This concept often referred to as concierge, retainer or boutique medicine, is grounded in the belief that physicians and patients deserve to have […]

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