Travel Health: What You Need to Know Before You Go

When traveling internationally it is always best to visit a travel health care provider or travel medicine specialist before you go. A travel health specialist can help travelers get any vaccines, medicines, and advice they need before their trip. Here a few tips to help you better prepare for your pre-travel medical evaluation.

Book 4-6+ Weeks Prior to Your Trip

It’s important that your travel health visit is 4-6 weeks before your scheduled departure to ensure your vaccines have time to gain effectiveness and that you can have all doses before you go. At Dedication Health, we tend to get our patients in pretty quickly, but some offices have waits of eight weeks or more to get in. For this reason, it’s often better to call your physician as soon as you know you’ll be traveling to ensure you get an appointment during the ideal time frame.

Your Doctor Needs Your Medication List

The regulations for taking medications—even over-the-counter ones—vary from country to country. You may need to have a doctor’s note to carry them or be limited to specific amounts. Because of this, you’ll need to bring along a complete list of medications you take. Better still, bring all your medications in, so the doctor can make sure you’ll have enough for the trip. When you gather them up, grab everything you’ve taken for the past three months.

Expect to Go Over Your Full Health History

A pre-travel health checkup is comprehensive because the precautions that need to be taken will vary based on your personal needs.

Bring Along Your Itinerary

The locations you visit and your planned activities will help the doctor provide recommendations. Even minor details like where you’ll be sleeping and what conditions are expected in the area make a difference.

Have Your Vaccination Records with You

Your physician may recommend many vaccines before you travel, especially if it’s to an area with risks that aren’t common in America. You may have already had some of the necessary ones, so having your records will help you avoid duplicates. Moreover, your physician will note which ones you’re receiving, which will be beneficial if you travel again or experience any difficulties on the trip.

Expect Extra Planning Time if You Have an Underlying Condition

Whether you’re pregnant, diabetic, have a heart condition, or any other issue, your visit will take a little longer. During the extra time, your physician will help you address how to manage your condition while away and may even help you pinpoint where you can get medications or treatment at your destination.

Visit Our Travel Health Specialist at Dedication Health

If you’re in the greater Chicago area, our travel medicine specialist will take the time to go over all your concerns, so you can have a safe and healthy trip. Being a concierge medical practice with a pre-travel health specialist on site, you’ll not only receive a higher standard of care but also quicker service. Best of all, you’ll have a whole suite of medical services available to you when you become a member, including advanced diagnostics, general wellness care, additional specialty care, medication management, and more. To become a member at Dedication Health, call our practice manager Christine at 847-986-6770. You can also complete our online form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.