Why You Need to See a Travel Medicine Specialist Before Leaving the Country

If you plan on traveling outside the country, it is important for you to see a travel medicine specialist before you go. A specially-trained and accredited physician, such as the travel medicine expert we have on-site at Dedication Health, will ensure you take all of the proper steps to prepare for a healthy travel experience. If you are not a regular traveler or if it has been a while, you may not know how important it really is. Below are some of the most important reasons you need to see a travel medicine specialist before you leave the country.

What are the Risks of International Travel?

While healthcare is advancing worldwide, each area still poses risks to foreign visitors in the form of localized diseases and parasites. A doctor specializing in travel medicine can help you build up your immunity against area-specific risks.

What if You Have Traveled Before?

Even if you have visited another area of the world before, it is still important to see a physician that specializes in travel medicine before traveling. Each nation and regions within a nation have different species or strains of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Protecting yourself against new risks is the primary reason why you need to see a travel medicine specialist before you leave the country.

What Will Your Travel Medicine Specialist Need to Know?

To help you best prepare to travel, your doctor will need to ask you questions about your trip. The following questions will address the key factors that could affect your health.

  • Where are you traveling specifically
  • How long you will stay in each area and in what living accommodations
  • The activities in which you plan to participate
  • Your history of international travel and inoculations
  • Your current and recent health conditions, including known allergies


Preparing for an Appointment with a Travel Medicine Specialist

According to the Center for Disease Control, it’s best to schedule your appointment 4-6 weeks before you leave the country. If you need vaccinations, this timeframe will allow the vaccinations their required period to take effect while no longer weakening your immune system. During the visit, your doctor will also conduct a brief examination to determine if you are experiencing any conditions that might affect your health while traveling and will also go over any special instructions you need to follow to stay healthy. Your travel medicine physician will also ensure you have any medications you need for the trip as well as any required documents to be able to travel with medications. Because each region and country will have different guidelines, and the regulations can change at any moment, your travel medicine specialist will typically provide advice on how to travel in a healthy way and how to get help if you need it while you are away from your doctor.

Why You Need to See a Travel Medicine Specialist Before You Leave the Country

At Dedication Health, we have a travel medicine specialist on hand for our patients because we believe it’s a crucial component in remaining healthy when you leave the country. The primary reasons include:

  • To travel safely
  • To maintain your health
  • To ensure you have vaccinations
  • To ensure you have the medications you need and the ability to travel with them
  • To ensure you and your family have the best trip possible

Schedule a Visit with Our Travel Medicine Specialist

At Dedication Health, our focus is on total wellness. Not only do we offer top-tier care as a medical practice, but we also have specialists, such as our travel medicine specialist, on staff to ensure your needs are always met.


Our travel medicine specialist, Dr. Candocia, is current with all the vaccines that are required and time frames before travel. Dr. Candocia goes over all the basic travel guidelines and ensures patients will not receive vaccines that they don’t need or miss a vaccine that is needed.


To learn more about travel medicine or to become a member at Dedication Health, call 847-986-6770 and speak with our concierge medical practice manager Christine. You can also request more information by completing our online form.