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Concierge Medicine Myths: Top 5 Misconceptions

Top 5 Concierge Medicine Myths If you’re trying to find out information on concierge medical practices, you’re likely to find a lot of conflicting data and inaccuracies repeated from one place to the next. In “Concierge Medicine Myths” Top 5 Misconceptions,” we’ll explore some of the most common misconceptions we hear and uncover why each

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Concierge Healthcare Services in Chicago

Concierge Healthcare Services in Chicago The desire for concierge healthcare services is growing rapidly. Investment in quality concierge healthcare is proven to improve your health outcome, while also reducing overall health costs. This is driving more and more patients make the switch each year. On this page, we will discuss concierge healthcare services and why

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How Does Concierge Medicine Work?

How Does Concierge Medicine Work? How does concierge medicine work and how can you tell if it’s the right choice for you and your family? In our constantly-evolving healthcare system, these questions are on the minds of many. If you’ve felt unsatisfied with the level of care you’ve been receiving from your current practice, it’s

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Concierge Medicine Pros and Cons

Concierge Medicine Pros and Cons Weighing concierge medicine pros and cons is an important first step in making better healthcare choices for you and your family. After all, there are many models of healthcare, and each one is designed to meet the needs of patients in a different set of ways. Concierge Medicine Pros 1.

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4 Impactful Concierge Medicine Benefits

If you’re looking into concierge medicine benefits and wondering if it’s the right choice for you, you’re not alone. While statistics that demonstrate the true growth of membership-based practices are difficult to come by, some estimates place the annual growth of the industry at more than 30%. This means quite a few people are seeing

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Is a Boutique Doctor Right for You?

Boutique doctors in Chicago are on the rise. Is a boutique doctor right for you? The answer is different for everyone, and even those who feel it’s the right choice may come to the conclusion for a unique set of reasons. On this page, we’ll give a bit of background on what a boutique doctor

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Concierge Medicine Practice: 5 Things to Look For

Concierge Medicine Practice: 5 Things to Look For If you’re considering a concierge medicine practice, 5 things to look for that show an office will go above and beyond for you are outlined below. Because not every office offers the same options and follows the same protocol, identifying them in an office will make it

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Who Uses Concierge Medicine?

Who Uses Concierge Medicine? The real answer just might surprise you. When the model first emerged a couple decades ago, only the ultra-wealthy, such as celebrities, politicians, and CEOs could afford it. In all fairness, the stigma it gained in its infancy was well-earned, but it’s not that way at all anymore. So, who uses

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