Concierge Healthcare Services in Chicago

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Concierge Healthcare Services in Chicago

The desire for concierge healthcare services is growing rapidly. Investment in quality concierge healthcare is proven to improve your health outcome, while also reducing overall health costs. This is driving more and more patients make the switch each year. On this page, we will discuss concierge healthcare services and why medical offices that offer them have been rising in popularity.

Who Uses Concierge Healthcare Services?

Concierge medicine is a modern and innovative solution for ensuring optimal well-being. Concierge healthcare services are for those of us who embrace the notion that we are personally responsible for our own health and wellness. Many people cling to the idea that their employers and insurers should foot the bill for subsidized healthcare and subpar service, even if to their own detriment. Only those who understand the value of investing in their own comprehensive care and superior service can appreciate the benefits of the direct care model, where we work for you, not your health plan.

Why Join Our Concierge Healthcare Program?

Dedication Health offers exclusive, premium concierge healthcare services in Chicago and the North Shore for those seeking proactive, personalized care.  You and your family will receive industry-leading medical care and a suite of best-in-class benefits and services.  Our premium services and expert physicians tailor your healthcare experience to deliver a comfortable, attentive and holistic medical partnership. Each Dedication Health patient has the opportunity to receive on-demand attention from our doctors and staff, inside or outside our offices.

Reasons to Switch to Concierge Healthcare:

  • The desire for optimal health and transformative (health)care
  • Want more aggressive management of chronic issues
  • Efficient care and access are important to you
  • Desire collaborative, proactive care
  • Seeking highly skilled health advocacy
  • See the value of concierge access for your kids, teens, college students, and grandchildren.

What Services Are Included in Concierge Healthcare?

As a full-service medical practice, our concierge healthcare services include onsite specialists, medication reconciliation, radiology services, an on-site lab, and preventative care. Our state-of-the-art medical is equipped with top of the line equipment, private suites, and complimentary valet parking for all members and guests. Convenience, comfort, and optimal health and wellbeing are what we work hard to bring to each and every one of our members. Receive proactive, transformative care and unrestricted access with your own personal concierge doctor.

With concierge healthcare services, we incorporate a functional medicine approach; To painstakingly evaluate your history, genetic risks, and lifestyle, to get to the roots. Without merely slapping a prescription or a “band-aid” on a serious health issue. Our comprehensive suite of medical services is offered by the best doctors in Chicago. In addition to unparalleled staff, and one-stop convenience for your health, nutrition, and pharmaceutical needs.

Concierge Healthcare Services at Dedication Health

Dedication Health is a concierge medical practice wherein patients contract directly with their provider for services, free of insurance constraints. Our number of membership is limited- well below that of a standard insurance-based medical practice. This allows for improved access and more thorough, personalized concierge healthcare services. 

At Dedication Health, we know that many healthcare concerns are not addressed by today’s uniform approach to medicine. That’s why we are different. From the first day of your membership, we are dedicated and committed to delivering a personalized experience that places your healthcare needs first. Call our medical office or stop in for a visit today, and see how we’re modernizing concierge medicine for Chicago’s North Shore community and northern suburbs.