Dr. Philip H. Sheridan, Jr.

“The greatest satisfaction practicing medicine is having the privilege of taking care of patients both when well and especially in greater times of need when seriously ill.”

– Philip H. Sheridan Jr., MD

Concierge Doctor – Dr. Sheridan

Dr. Philip H. Sheridan Jr. earned his medical degree from Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine where he also completed his residency in Internal Medicine. He completed an internship at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center and later, returned to Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine to complete a fellowship in Pulmonary and Respiratory Disease. Dr. Sheridan is board certified in Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease.

NorthShore University Health System

Glenbrook Hospital
Evanston Hospital
Skokie Hospital
Highland Park

Internal Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine
Critical Care

Question & Answer with Dr. Sheridan

I became a concierge primary physician to help patients get better service and care that has become much more difficult to get because of the many changes in the healthcare delivery system. Unfortunately, the big hospital systems, the insurance companies, and the government bureaucrats have lost sight of what is important in the caring for patients, and that is the system should be there to serve the patients. Instead, for the most part the patients and doctors are now serving the system!!

Everyone deserves excellent healthcare. I try to treat my patients in the same way I want my family members to be treated. People get sick at anytime-24/7. I am happy to be in a practice where we can provide quality care all the time-It is a privilege to be a physician in this practice.

The benefits for patients in a good concierge practice are easy and timely access to their doctor, both in good times when they are well, and in bad times when they are sick. It is not right for patients to have to figure out how to find the care they need, especially when they are sick. In our practice, our patients know all they have to do is to call – or text – and they will have their issues addressed in a timely, efficient, competent and empathetic way by their physician and his or her team.

It is very gratifying seeing patients understand and appreciate the care we provide for them. Often we are told in their prior encounters with the “healthcare system” they felt like their issues did not matter in a personal way to the teams taking care of them. In our practice, they feel cared for like each one of them individually matters to us on a personal level, and of course this is the case. We truly try to care for our patients the way we expect our own family members to be taken care of, and make them feel cared for like a family member.

I would tell someone that joining a concierge practice has 2 major benefits. First, it is an insurance policy of sorts, which guarantees that you will receive a level of care that you cannot find these days in the everyday practices run by corporate healthcare systems. Secondly, you will be joining a practice that prioritizes your individual relationship with your doctor, rather than with a system.

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