Dr. Santiago A. Candocia

“I am excited to be a part of a practice where I have more time to get to know my patients and help them achieve their wellness goals.”

– Santiago A. Candocia, MD, FACP

Concierge Doctor – Dr. Candocia

Dr. Santiago A. Candocia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences from Northwestern University. Dr. Candocia studied at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Northwestern University Medical School. He served as Chief Resident in Medicine at Evanston Hospital and as a Clinical Instructor in Medicine at both Northwestern University Medical School and The University of Chicago. Dr. Candocia specializes in Internal Medicine.

Affiliate Hospitals

NorthShore University Health System

  • Glenbrook Hospital
  • Evanston Hospital
  • Skokie Hospital
  • Highland Park


  • Internal Medicine

Question & Answer with Dr. Candocia

Joining Dedication Health has allowed me to care for patients in the way that was traditionally practiced: one patient at a time with a focus on the whole patient over the course of their lifetime.

In the past, I’ve tried to deliver concierge care to all my patients, but it was impossible to care for so many people and deliver truly personalized care – no matter how many hours per day I tried.

Immediate access to care by phone, text, email or in-person, as well as being able to care for patients in a hospital, as opposed to random hospital staff caring for my patients in their most trying moments.

It allows them to get physician-directed advice on travel, which is invaluable. Most travel clinics simply have a nurse or pharmacist give their patients shots and do not take into account their health history. A doctor-guided consult can optimize a traveler’s experience by answering medical questions and preventing illness before they depart and while they are far away from home.

Taking care of people who consider me their doctor for life.

Concierge medicine is for people who place a high value on their health care and staying healthy. They value having a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor on their side to get them through the easy, as well as the difficult, times in their lives.

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