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Dedication Health’s telemedicine app, MyHealthCoach, can help implement doctor-recommended changes to your diet and lifestyle. And in turn, help you reach health and wellness goals.

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MyHealthCoach Makes Healthy Living Simple

If you’re having trouble making healthy habits stick, personalized coaching through Dedication Health's telemedicine app, MyHealthCoach, can help. Some patients use our new health coaching app for weight loss support, while others strive toward goals like increasing their energy, improving heart health, or getting chronic conditions under control.

Peggi Health Coach

Meet Your New Health Coach, Peggi

“I am a registered nurse, certified personal trainer, and health coach and I believe true success comes through small, easy changes that become habit.”

– Peggi Ingram, RN, BSN

An emergency room nurse for 17 years as well as a health coach and personal trainer, Peggi is no stranger to the benefits of a personal coach. She became one years ago after working with one herself. "Once I was reaping the physical and mental benefits of my own transformation, I felt a strong desire to help others in theirs."

Her coaching style is driven by her values: integrity, responsibility, and accountability. These values also serve as the foundation of her 1/2 day cooking/meal prep classes, full-day and three-day seminars on healthful eating, self-care, and balancing life. She also does various health and fitness challenges on social media and writes articles for the Genesis Transformation newsletter.

See How Patients Are Transforming Their Lives with MyHealthCoach

Mike has been using MyHealthCoach for six months with Peggi as his coach. In this time, he has lost 46 pounds and now leads a healthier lifestyle with his family.

Weight Loss Coach Success Story

Mike Started in June 2020

His Starting Weight Was 232 Pounds

Weight Loss Coach Success Story

Mike in November 2020

At 186 pounds, Mike lost 46 pounds in 6 months

Hi Peggi, You asked how the family is doing and are they on the bandwagon. The answer is a resounding Yes. My wife had a consult through her doctor’s office because she could see my motivation and she could use it too. And since my regime changed she found it motivating to follow me. She has been steadily dropping weight as well and as a former distance runner she returned to that. She’s 15 years younger than I am and her knees can take the pounding so she returned to running and some yoga in between. Helping her a lot. Also she has been joining me for a 15k – 20k bike ride on the weekend.

Our younger children have joined in, though the college aged are on distant campuses and doing it remotely. All of them did the Allstate Hot Chocolate 5K on Sunday. My high school daughter runs but she also is a shot putter and discus thrower on her track team so she takes me to the health club for weight training once or twice a week. I do struggle to keep up there and opt for the senior hours sometimes to catch a break from her. All in all we all started the COVID shutdown in March by overeating and eating poorly, over drinking and sedentary.

When you got me going in June, they all followed and now we all are eating right, exercising and developing better habits all around. Still a ways to go for everyone, but they listen to the advice and motivational messages from you I pass along and are all improving. My wife and I particularly are much slimmer and fitter than we have been for many years. And candidly we haven’t been suffering at all getting there once the routines were fixed and the changes were absorbed without stress or starvation. Thanks again for all of your help and inspiration. I had my session with Dr. Candocia. We were very pleased with the 40# weight loss and your regime for me. The InBody testing showed excellent improvement across the board. Mike

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