Radiology Services

Radiology services are an important step in diagnosis and treatment. At Dedication Health, our on-site Radiologic Technologists are board-certified in diagnostic radiology and CT scan with several years of experience performing diagnostic imaging procedures. Our technologists perform a wide range of exams in-office and offer same-day results for x-ray and computerized tomography (CT) scan. We also have off-site radiologists that will quickly generate your final medical results.

Radiology Services

Delivering fast results

Full-range radiologists

Our radiology department provides American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited services that utilize the latest technology in x-ray and CT, delivering to you and your doctor medical reports, diagnosis and analysis. We offer on-site radiology that fully supports your needs, inside and out.

Dedication Health is accredited by the ACR and is committed to providing the safest and best quality care possible.

Teleray services

Dedication Health is happy to announce that we are now offering Teleray services to our members. Teleray represents a true industry-first, seamless sharing and storage of – diagnostic imaging (DICOM) – by and between doctors, specialists and their patients. Allowing global viewing, exchange, and sharing anywhere on any device at any time.

Patient Sign-up Instructions for Teleway

Dedication Health patients should go to to fill out the required forms. Click Sign-Up and fill out the required information to create a new patient account.
Sign-Up for Teleway

All-inclusive member benefits:

24/7 Access

24/7 telephone, text and email access to your physician

Private Suites

When you visit our office, you will see your doctor in a private suite; to make sure you are comfortable during your exam, we will offer you a pair of slippers and a blanket


Same-day appointments with ample time with your physician

Valet Parking

Complimentary valet parking is available for all members and guests

Specialist Scheduling

Assistance scheduling appointments with referred specialists


Pharmacy stocked with common point-of-care medicines

Personalized medicine

A modern, concierge medical practice

At Dedication Health, we know that many healthcare concerns are not addressed by today’s uniform approach to medicine. That’s why we are different. From the first day of your membership, we are dedicated and committed to delivering a personalized experience that places your healthcare needs first.
For pricing information or to apply for membership, please contact our Practice Manager, Christine, at 847-986-6770.

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