Concierge Medicine Near Me: Why Quality Care is Hard to Find

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Unfortunately running a search for “Concierge Medicine Near Me often pulls up a very short list, if anything at all. If you’ve done so recently, you probably know the many benefits of concierge medical care; more time with your physician, a focus on total wellness, a sense of ease when it comes to managing your healthcare.Yet, with such stark differences between traditional medicine and these boutique practices, why is it so hard to find a provider when you need one?

The US is Facing a Physician Shortage

America could be short as much as nearly 105,000 physicians by 2030 according to the latest stats. Of them, upwards of 40,000 will be primary care physicians; that’s 800 fewer per state than needed to keep up with the population. The nation is already shorthanded, which is a big part of the reason why many offices work more like assembly lines than wellness centers.

It’s Difficult for Physicians to Switch

While many doctors have become every bit as frustrated with the state of medicine as patients have, the right answer to the problems faced isn’t so clear-cut. To keep up with demands, many offices now employ a number of auxiliaries who handle many of the tasks a doctor formally would have performed. While this makes it easier for them to see more people and get by on the pittance insurance companies offer for services, it still harms the experience. Many doctors want to switch to alternate models, but doing so generally means they need to sell or close their current practice; an emotional decision for those with patients they’ve seen for years. Some do make this very difficult decision. Others opt to run a hybrid practice, seeing both their existing patients and running a concierge-style practice on the side.

There are a Few Models Doctors Can Choose From

Those who are dissatisfied with the level of care they can provide sometimes switch to an insurance-free system. By having their patients pay cash, they’re freed from the confines of procedural codes and don’t need to worry about whether insurance will cover something; only what’s best for the patient. While these practices sometimes do provide better care, not everyone can afford to pay all their fees up front. When it comes to concierge-style care, a doctor typically charges a join fee or a membership fee, which enables him to keep his patient counts low, but may still bill insurance, depending on his preferred methods.

Big Cities are Seeing More Growth

Even though concierge-style practices have been around for decades, they’ve historically been insurance-free. This meant that there was a very limited group who could opt into better care. As more doctors move into the model, we’re seeing growth in bigger cities first. That means those in rural areas may not have any concierge-style practices at all and those that do have some are often faced with waiting lists.

Concierge Medicine Near Me: Get Quality Care at Dedication Health

Thankfully, if you live in the greater Chicago area, the wait for quality care is over. Dedication Health provides patient-focused care based on the concierge model and even accepts insurance. If you have questions or would like to become a member, our practice manager Christine is glad to help. You may speak with her by calling 847-986-6770 or complete our online form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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