How Much Does Concierge Medicine Cost?

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How much does concierge medicine cost? The simple answer is, probably less than you think. On this page, we’ll break down some of the common expenses at a national level and identify how you could actually save money by joining a concierge medical practice.

How Much Does Concierge Medicine Cost?

Before we begin, it’s important to clarify what concierge medicine really is, and how services vary, to help narrow down what you might anticipate for your own personal expenses.

Concierge Medical Practices are Different

Concierge medical practices see fewer patients, in order to provide you with more time with your physician. This is different from the initial style of concierge medical practice, in which the physician traveled and did house calls. It is also different from direct patient care, which requires patients to pay cash for services instead of using insurance. With most concierge medical practices today, you still need to visit your doctor in his or her office, but you get more time per appointment, and you can use your medical insurance.

You’ll also likely get perks, such as 24/7 access to your physician and perhaps faster service, better technology, more services offered in-office, and full medical care management. From there, additional perks will vary drastically from one practice to the next. For example, we focus on making our patient care suites comfortable, provide valet parking, and offer total wellness services, like nutrition counseling, but you might not find these services at other practices.

How Much Does Concierge Medicine Cost?

Joining Fee: Some offices charge an initial start-up fee to join the practice. The joining fee can range from less than $100 to well into the thousands.


Monthly Fee: Concierge medical practices charge a membership fee, which may also be called a retainer fee. The amount will vary based on the practice, its location, and the perks of membership. General estimates are $1,200 to $1,500 annually. Monthly breakdowns vary:

  • $226 to $300 per month (35% of practices)
  • $101 to $135 per month (31% of practices)
  • $51 to $100 per month (14% of practices)
  • Under $50 per month (11% of practices)
  • $135 to $180 per month (<9% of practices)
  • $181 to $225 per month (<1% of practices)


Individual Treatments: The cost of individual treatments or services vary. For example, Dedication Health includes a yearly physical at no charge. A general survey of concierge practices placed the cost of an x-ray at general practices at about $100, whereas concierge practices were charging $30-50. Routine blood tests were $46-63 at general practices but were $15 at concierge medical practices.

How Much Does Concierge Medicine Save?

Individual treatment costs are one area most people see savings in. However, it isn’t standard care that people spend the bulk of their medical expenses on; it’s unplanned and emergency care. Not surprisingly, the number of urgent visits a patient makes is greatly impacted by preventative care. Those who see their physicians regularly, particularly when the physician has time to dedicate to total wellness, versus acute care, as the case is with concierge medical practices, are statistically hospitalized less and recover faster when they are. Given that a single hospital visit easily reaches into the thousands, it’s not easy to create a cost comparison.

How Much Does Concierge Medicine Cost:
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