Medication Reconciliation

Our Medication Reconciliation service is all about educating you and providing a safe and effective treatment experience. We strive to provide you with the clearest possible picture of your medication needs and optimize your treatment. By following high-quality standards for Medication Reconciliation, we maximize the therapeutic effects of your drugs, reduce the chance of adverse effects and provide you with an understanding of your treatments.

Medication Reconciliation

Creating a clear view of your medication needs

Working to optimize your treatment

At Dedication Health, our Medication Reconciliation service strives to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your medication needs and how your medicines interact with each other. Our team continuously works to maximize your treatments’ therapeutic effects, as well as identify any possible conflict your medication may cause.

Our goal is to always be in communication with you about your medication and work with you to make any adjustments as needed. To do this, we follow the standards set forth by the American Medical Association and adhere to the seven steps of Medication Reconciliation.

Seven steps of Medication Reconciliation:¹

Compile a comprehensive list of your medications, both past and present, and examine your health history in detail

Reconcile medications and resolve discrepancies by identifying potential conflicts within your medication regimen

Optimize care to best meet those needs

Document changes and provide you with a copy of your current medication list

Ascertain accuracy and update your medication profile as necessary

Formulate a decision and work with you to make a judgment based on your health and medication needs

Check your understanding and give you an in-depth understanding of your medication

To get started with our Medicine Reconciliation service, simply bring a current list of your medications to your next visit and our team will take care of the rest. You can access our medication form online. Just fill out all of your medication information and present it to our team.

Reference: ¹: Dr. Joanne Schwartzberg, Dr. Patricia Sokol and Dr. Margaret Toepp, et al. The Physician’s Role in Medication Reconciliation: Issues, Strategies, and Safety Principles. 2007.

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