Why Employers Should Consider Concierge Medicine for Employees

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Why Employers Should Consider Concierge Medicine for Employees

There are many reasons why employers should consider concierge medicine for employees. Generally speaking, people are attracted to the model because they get more time with their physicians and feel like they’re valued more by the practice. Of course, these reasons may be compelling for an individual, but don’t always add up when a company or HR department is considering it as a solution. Below, we’ll break down why the model is gaining steam with employers and why your company may actually benefit from including it in your employee offerings.

5 Reasons Why Employers Should Consider Concierge Medicine for Employees

  1. Less Absenteeism: A healthy employee shows up to work. Because a concierge medical practice guarantees access to a doctor 24/7, employees never need to wait until after the weekend or for an open appointment slot to receive the care they need. They can contact their doctor and start the recovery process as soon as symptoms arise. Studies have also shown that patients of these practices are hospitalized less and stay healthier. If you’re able to extend this to their families, your employees will also miss fewer days to care for their loved ones.
  2. Higher Morale: Think of how much you would appreciate the more thorough healthcare that concierge service provides. Our practice even greets clients with valet service and provides a private suite for each visit. Wouldn’t your employees appreciate the company who provides such service as part of their benefits package?
  3. Increased Productivity:  Of course, happy and healthy employees are more productive too. When employees feel good health-wise, they are able to focus on wellness rather than sick care and when they feel like they’re well taken care of, they can truly thrive. They’re not only less stressed by health concerns, and better able to focus on their work, but also have a renewed sense of energy which can be seen throughout the workday. With these factors in mind, corporate wellness programs such as this can save a company money.
  4. Attract New Talent: Offering premium healthcare service can prove to be a unique and valuable element of your total compensation package. Your recruiter or HR department can explain the perk as part of the healthcare benefits your company offers.
  5. Retain Key Employees: Quality healthcare in the convenient form of concierge service is not an asset people willingly forego. Offering this service as part of your continuing benefits package could encourage an employee to remain with your company longer, even in the midst of a company downturn or in light of a higher salary opportunity that does not offer concierge benefits.

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