4 Easy Steps to Become a Patient at a Concierge Medical Practice

Due to the challenges associated with finding quality care, more people are trying to learn how to become a patient at a concierge medical practice and what they can expect when they switch. If you would like to find a local physician who specializes in concierge medicine and get set up with the practice, use this page as a guide.

What is a Concierge Medical Practice?

Before we get into how to become a patient at a concierge medicine practice, it’s important to define what you can, as well as what you should not, expect from a concierge medical practice.

Concierge Medicine is NOT…

  • Reserved for the wealthy. Many people perceive concierge healthcare to be only for wealthy people, but that is not the case. Although early practices using this model were dedicated only to serving the elite, concierge medical practices today have been made available and affordable for a large majority of households. Concierge healthcare is becoming wildly popular, and members agree that the benefits far surpass the membership fee.
  • House-calls. While some concierge medical practices do offer house-calls for a price or as a monthly fee, not all do. At Dedication Health, we see all of our patients in our state-of-the-art facility because it enables us to provide better care.
  • An alternative to health insurance. Sometimes, people never need care beyond what their primary care physician can offer. However, because emergencies can creep up unexpectedly, some health insurance is usually recommended. While Dedication Health does have some on-site specialists, other specialists and hospitalizations might be necessary to treat specific conditions. A concierge medical practice will typically help make these arrangements as necessary.

Concierge Medicine is…

  • Individualized care. Physicians in concierge medical practices spend more time with their patients, thus enabling them to form good relationships and really get to know each member and their needs.
  • Preventative care. A concierge medical practice such as Dedication Health works with their patients to improve their overall health and wellness, not just treat issues as they come up.
  • A simpler way to manage healthcare. From having more diagnostics and treatment options available under one roof, through personalized assistance with things like medications and specialist care, concierge medical practices make managing one’s healthcare easier.
  • A chance to reduce overall healthcare costs. When people focus on achieving optimal health and wellness, they have fewer illnesses and hospitalizations, thus reducing their total cost of healthcare.
  • An opportunity to receive VIP treatment and be well taken care of. There are many perks to being a patient at a concierge medical practice. Some of these perks include 24/7 access to a physician, valet parking, and more. Of course, having your own personal concierge doctor that genuinely knows who you are is, arguably, the best.

How to Become a Concierge Medicine Patient

  1. Search your area for concierge medical practice, and make a list of the ones you find. Be aware that not every area has one, so you may have to travel to a larger city to find one.
  2. Research each concierge medical practice online. Take a moment to read what services and perks each practice offers, and check online reviews to see what real people are saying about how the office operates.
  3. Call your favorite offices for more information. You may not get the full picture from a website, and some practices don’t publish their membership fees online, so it’s a good idea to shortlist your favorite offices and call each one.
  4. Pay your membership fee and schedule your first visit.  Because concierge medical practices have fewer patients, you should expect to be seen much sooner than you would at a traditional office. First visits are typically for an annual physical, but you can schedule an acute care appointment as well. The practice will expect you to pay a membership fee (sometimes called a retainer or access fee) before your visit, so plan ahead and budget for this.

How to Become a Concierge Medicine Patient at Dedication Health

Our process is similar to the general information outlined above. Our concierge medical practice manager, Christine, would be happy to walk you through the specifics as well as the benefits of becoming a member of Dedication Health. Dedication Health is Chicago’s #1 concierge medical practice and serves both individuals and families. To take the first step to better health and better care, call Christine at 847-986-6770 or contact us online.