Who Uses Concierge Medicine?

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Who Uses Concierge Medicine?

The real answer just might surprise you. When the model first emerged a couple decades ago, only the ultra-wealthy, such as celebrities, politicians, and CEOs could afford it. In all fairness, the stigma it gained in its infancy was well-earned, but it’s not that way at all anymore. So, who uses concierge medicine? Maybe you will soon, especially if you fall into one of the following groups.

People with Insurance

One common misconception about concierge medicine is that you can’t use insurance. Most practices, like Dedication Health, do accept insurance, and will gladly handle billing for you. However, if your particular plan requires that you see an in-network provider, you should verify that the physician is on the list.

The Elderly

Concierge medicine practices are most popular in states like California and Florida because of their large populations of retirees. Seniors tend to require management of more conditions, as well as assistance managing more prescriptions, so the extra time with a doctor and additional services are a major benefit.

The Working Class

While there are fees associated with being a member, concierge medicine practices like Dedication Health keep them reasonable and add value for the fees. For example, a wellness visit or yearly physical would be covered at no charge, visits can be scheduled quickly when there’s an illness, and the physician is available 24/7. With easier access to quality care, people spend less time sick and more time doing things they love.

People Who Want More Time with Their Physician

The average practice has 2,500 or more patients, while the typical concierge-style practice has just a few hundred. Because of this, most doctors in traditional practices spend just 8 minutes with each patient, while the majority of those with concierge-style practices spend 30-60 minutes with each patient. The next tier (14% of doctors) spend 60-90 minutes with each patient.

People Who Want to Focus on Total Wellness

It’s no surprise that when people have their yearly visit covered, they use it. When they can speak with their physician as needed, they stay healthier overall. Our office also offers things like nutritional counseling, so you can be at your very best. All this preventative care keeps people healthier, and out of hospitals.

People Who Want to Pay Less for Medical Care

It probably sounds backward to think that paying to be a member of a practice could save money, but this is the case for many people. In short, if you’re healthy, and your medical conditions are managed well, your overall costs will be less. Although not everyone saves money on the model, as the greatest benefit is more personalized care, it can make a major difference for many.

Who Uses Concierge Medicine? (Maybe You.)

If the idea of joining a concierge medicine practice appeals to you, or you simply want to learn more about the process and its many benefits, speak to our practice manager. Christine will walk you through how Dedication Health works, so you can decide if we’re a good fit for your needs. To get started, call 847-986-6770.