Concierge Medicine Practice: 5 Things to Look For

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Concierge Medicine Practice: 5 Things to Look For

If you’re considering a concierge medicine practice, 5 things to look for that show an office will go above and beyond for you are outlined below. Because not every office offers the same options and follows the same protocol, identifying them in an office will make it easier to choose the best concierge medicine practice for you and your family.

#1 The Concierge Medicine Practice Accepts a Limited Number of New Patients

One of the marks of quality for any office is that the doctor has a predetermined maximum number of patient spots available. In a traditional office, a doctor will have thousands of patients. As a result, each patient has an incredibly limited amount of time with their doctor. There may also be delays when you need to schedule an appointment. With concierge medical practices, each physician typically accepts a few hundred patients at most, giving you more time with your doctor at each visit and ensuring you can get in quickly when you need to be seen.

#2 The Practice Provides Additional Medical Services

At Dedication Health, we have a travel medicine specialist, on-site advanced diagnostic equipment, medication management services, nutritional counseling, and more, so continuity of care is assured. Additionally, you can have more done in the office, so you’ll need fewer specialist referrals. Not every office offers extra medical services. In fact, some cut back on services to save on their own expenses, but that, unfortunately, makes life difficult for their patients and doesn’t truly fit the concierge model, though some will use the name anyway.

#3 You Get 24/7 Access to a Physician

You won’t always need to be physically seen for treatment when an issue arises, particularly if you’ve just been in the office and have a question or want to discuss a medication you were prescribed. Many offices will still require that you schedule an appointment and meet with the doctor in person. At Dedication Health, we make sure a physician is available around the clock for you and the doctor will handle issues by phone whenever prudent.

#4 The Concierge Medicine Practice Offers Perks

From one-on-one service provided by our office manager Christine through perks such as valet parking and slippers in your care suite, Dedication Health does everything we can to make sure you know you’re our number-one priority. We want you to feel comfortable and well cared for. We call this patient-focused care, and it is seen in everything we do. Each office will have a unique list of medical and non-medical perks, so find out what each practice you’re considering offers to compare them better.

#5 They Don’t Make You Wait

With most traditional offices, going in for an appointment is a waiting game. You may wait on the phone, wait a month or more for your appointment, and then wait some more while you’re in the office. A good concierge medicine practice doesn’t make you wait. You can get an appointment right away and you don’t wait for long in the office. We personally pride ourselves on having no in-office waits at all and achieve it by only scheduling one patient at a time.

Concierge Medicine Practice: 5 Things to Look For (Found in our Chicago-Area Office)

If you’re in the Chicago area and have been reviewing our “Concierge Medicine Practice: 5 Things to Look For” list, we should talk. Dedication Health is a full-service concierge medicine practice based in Winnetka, Illinois and is proud to offer an elite level of service paired with superior medical care designed to help you live a healthier and fuller life. To learn more about our office or to become a member, contact our concierge medicine practice manager Christine using the online form or call 847-986-6770.