Is a Boutique Doctor Right for You?

Dedication Health

Boutique doctors in Chicago are on the rise. Is a boutique doctor right for you? The answer is different for everyone, and even those who feel it’s the right choice may come to the conclusion for a unique set of reasons. On this page, we’ll give a bit of background on what a boutique doctor is (and isn’t) as well as the benefits of having one, so you can decide what’s best for you and your family.

What Is a Boutique Doctor?

The term “boutique doctor” can refer to any physician who runs a practice that charges a retainer or membership fee. Although some practices are all-inclusive and do not bill insurance, referred to as direct primary care (DPC), the term is most often used in conjunction with concierge medicine, in which more focus is placed on delivering top-notch patient care and developing strong physician/ patient relationships.

In this type of medical practice (also called boutique medicine, retainer-based medicine or direct care), boutique doctors see fewer patients so they can spend more time with ones they do see. A boutique doctor can be someone who caters only to the wealthy, but this is not necessarily the case with all boutique physicians nowadays. Practices such as Dedication Health have put this type of care within reach for most professionals and can even bill insurance for individual services to help make it more affordable.


What Are the Primary Benefits of Seeing a Boutique Doctor?

More One-on-One Time: Physicians who follow the concierge-style model spend more time with their patients than others do. In some cases, appointments may be up to ten times longer, and this is time with the physician, not auxiliary staff.


Better Care: Because of the extra time available, boutique doctors really get to know their patients and can provide customized plans or help people improve their overall health, rather than simply treating problems as they come up.


Additional Access: Practices like Dedication Health provide 24/7 access to your boutique physician, so patients can always get assistance as needed.


Personalized Attention: When we think of the term “concierge,” we usually think of someone who goes the extra mile to ensure the person they’re serving gets everything they need. That’s exactly what happens in a concierge medical practice, too. For example, we coordinate care between specialists, handle medications, and even manage more in our office than a traditional practice might, in order to make it easy for people to get the extra care they need.


Shorter Waits: Because boutique doctors accept fewer patients, the patients they do see can get in for appointments much quicker. They also have much shorter waits when they come in for appointments.


Perks: Special perks afforded by offices will vary. A few unique offerings of Dedication Health include valet parking, a robe waiting for you in your patient suite, and nutritional counseling.


Reduced Overall Costs: Some patients may actually pay less with concierge care because they’re healthier overall. The added focus on wellness reduces instances of illness and hospitalizations, so they pay less in yearly medical costs even though they’re paying for a membership to a practice.


Finding a Boutique Doctor in Chicago

If you value the benefits outlined here, a boutique doctor may be the right choice for you and your family. To learn more about Dedication Health or to become a member, complete our online form or call 847-986-6770 to speak with our practice manager Christine.