Concierge Family Medicine: 3 Invaluable Benefits of Concierge Medicine

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Concierge medicine, or concierge family medicine, is a private form of healthcare in which physicians charge their patients an out-of-pocket retainer or membership fee in exchange for full, immediate access to their services. As well as perks such as same-day appointments, 24-hour access to medical attention via cellphone or email, and an unrestricted amount of time visiting their personal doctor. All of these unique perks are covered with their concierge healthcare membership. Concierge physicians who operate under this structure maintain a much smaller pool of clients. Typically around a few hundred versus several thousand in a traditional family practice.

Is a Concierge Health Membership Worth It?

Concierge medicine continues to grow in popularity. Those considering it for themselves and their family tend to have one major question in mind. “Is concierge medicine worth it?” While concierge medicine used to only be accessible for the wealthy, these days concierge membership fees are reasonable and accessible for most families. In fact, some concierge practices such as Dedication Health in Chicago can even work with your insurance. For approximately the cost of a cup of coffee per day, individuals and families are able to take advantage of all the value concierge medicine offers.

3 Priceless Concierge Medicine Benefits

There are many benefits of concierge medicine, such as same-day appointments and 24-hour access to your personal doctor as mentioned above. However, there are many more unique benefits that concierge healthcare offers that most traditional family practices cannot. These include longer face-to-face time with your doctor, little to no waiting times, and more. However, there are three unique benefits of concierge medicine that are truly invaluable. These are preventative healthcare, personalized medicine, and disease management. Learn more about these 3 priceless benefits of concierge family medicine to determine if it is right for you.

1. Concierge Family Medicine is Preventative

The foundation of our current healthcare system is the treatment of illness and disease rather than promoting good health. We often refer to this as “sick care”. What this means is that we don’t think about our health until something goes wrong. We experience pain, get a runny nose or a cough. Then, we head to the doctor primarily in the search of some type of medication to make the symptoms that caused us to seek care in the first place to go away. This is a reactive style of care instead of a proactive style of care.

Concierge medicine works differently. Concierge doctors and their patients believe you have to be proactive when it comes to your health. You can’t wait for something to go wrong with your body to decide to take care of it. And when you do begin to experience some type of symptoms, you need correct the source of the problem and not just suppress the symptoms. With a concierge health membership, you and your family will receive preventative care to help you maintain optimal health and wellness.

2. Concierge Family Medicine is Personalized

When it comes to health care, one size does not fit all. Concierge medicine is for anyone who values additional one-on-one time, a personal ongoing relationship with their doctor and someone who truly has their best interest in regard to wellness at heart. Not someone who puts a band-aid on the problem, but dives in head first to get to that root and underlying cause to find the best solution for your unique needs. Think of concierge medicine physicians as your personal health-care advisers and advocates. Our concierge doctors at Dedication Health are always here to help you live your healthiest life. Having fewer patients allows your concierge physician to spend an unrestricted amount of time with you to ensure all of your healthcare needs are addressed. It is this personalized approach to your healthcare that truly makes a difference.

3. Disease Prevention and Management

Disease prevention is perhaps the most important advantages of concierge healthcare. The goal of disease prevention and concierge medicine is always to optimize health and reverse or prevent chronic disease. Chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer account for some of the most common health problems in the United States. They are also the leading causes of death and disability. Yet many of these chronic diseases are preventable with better lifestyle habits and preventative care. By working to prevent chronic diseases, patient outcomes and life expectancy can improve drastically. That is why disease prevention and disease management is a major focus for concierge medical practices.

Concierge Medicine in Chicago: Choose Dedication Health

“The greatest wealth is health”. If you agree one of the greatest investments you can make is in your health, concierge medicine is for you. If you are located near Chicago, join the Dedication Health family today. Dedication Health’s personalized and preventive care approach leads to better health outcomes . We strive to help keep you out of the ER or hospital and living your best life. To learn more about concierge family medicine or to become a member, call our concierge practice at 847-986-6770. If you would rather us contact you instead, simply fill out our contact form now.

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