Concierge Healthcare Boosts Patient Satisfaction in These Top 4 Ways

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Concierge Healthcare Patients are Happier

Concierge healthcare creates better outcomes, keeps people healthier overall, and can even cut medical costs. This explains why more patients and physicians are making the switch to concierge medicine each year. Patients are much happier and satisfied with concierge healthcare and the perks and benefits offered; as demonstrated by countless patient satisfaction surveys. Here are the top 4 ways concierge healthcare boosts patient satisfaction.

1) Access to the Doctor is Improved

Concierge healthcare providers like Dedication Health provide their patients with 24/7 access to their physician and often handle simple issues and follow-ups via phone. While it might seem like this would result in patients contacting their physician at all hours, the opposite is actually true. The reason for this is simple: whereas traditional practitioners may have their patients wait months for an appointment, a concierge medical practice has much shorter waits. Urgent needs are seen to right away and general appointments are arranged in days, not months. Because patients can see their doctor with ease, there are fewer emergencies and night calls, so not only are patients happy, but the physicians have less stress too.

2) Getting in Touch with the Office is Easier

Managing multiple modes of communication becomes more difficult the larger a practice becomes. With this in mind, many offices only operate via phone, simply as an aid to ensure communication doesn’t fall through the cracks. The assembly-line mentality may help avoid these issues, but it isn’t exactly convenient in today’s busy world. Concierge medical practices see fewer patients and there are fewer opportunities for the communication chain to be broken, so they can be more flexible. It’s far more common for a concierge healthcare practice to work via phone, email, text, and other forms of communication than for a traditional practice too.

3) The Staff is More Helpful

The average traditional practice literally has thousands of patients, whereas concierge healthcare practices have a few hundred. That means the whole staff has more time for you—from the doctor through office personnel. It also has a profound impact on their mindsets. They’re more relaxed, focused, and able to provide you with compassionate care.

4) Communication is Better

When you can reach your physician at any time, speak with the office in methods that suit you best, and can have an open dialogue with your care team as needed, you feel better about the communication. Patients who visit concierge medical practices often report that they’re more satisfied with their interactions. Additionally, patients feel that their concerns have been heard and properly addressed.

See Why People Prefer Concierge Healthcare for Yourself

Granted, not every concierge healthcare provider offers the same level of care, and each office has unique perks as well. Despite this, concierge healthcare is breaking the mold as a whole; with more patients reporting high satisfaction with their physicians across a number of areas. If you think concierge healthcare might be right for you, talk to our office manager Christine by calling 847-986-6770 or send us a message online.