Concierge Medical Care: 3 Reasons Why Concierge Medicine Will Get Bigger

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There are countless reasons why both patients and physicians are switching over to concierge medical care. If current growth is any indicator, the concept will absolutely boom in the coming years, putting better care within reach for more people than ever. Why such a drastic shift? If you’ve already become a member at a concierge medical practice, you probably already know why, but for those just dipping their toes in and learning, here are the top three reasons why concierge medicine will get bigger.

Patients Want More Time with Their Doctor

If you have been to a general practitioner’s office lately and felt like you were rushed in and out, you didn’t imagine it. The average doctor in a traditional medical practice spends just 8 minutes with each patient. This leads to patient dissatisfaction, and patients often move to a new practice hoping it will be different. But it won’t be different, because it’s the model, not the office, that has an issue.

In order to make ends meet, the average doctor has a patient load of thousands of patients. The doctor becomes frazzled and rushed, and the patient doesn’t receive the time he or she deserves. This leaves both physicians and their patients unhappy. Because concierge-style medical practices can have a much smaller group of patients, the doctor has much more time for them; 76% spend 30-60 minutes with each patient per visit, while 14% spend more than 60 minutes.

Patients Feel Undervalued and are Tired of Waiting

The latest from Forbes indicates patient wait-times are up by about 30%. In some major cities, such as Chicago, people have an average of 52 days between scheduling and their actual appointment date, though the national average sits around 24. When people finally get into the office, they wait an average of over 19 minutes. Concierge medical practices don’t have these kinds of waits. Patients get in quicker, even as early as the same day of calling. At 33% of concierge medical practices, patients do not wait at all, while an additional 31% say the wait time is less than 5 minutes. This is true at Dedication Health, too. When we schedule you, you are the only person scheduled for that time, and we don’t make you wait. Period.

People Value Total Wellness and Preventative Care

Now more than ever, people want to live healthier lives. The current model of healthcare, particularly with the long waits and short visits, is geared towards acute care, or simply fixing what’s wrong at that moment. It doesn’t lead to better health overall. However, under the concierge-style model, people get more time to cover all the bases, so they can get to the root of any health concerns before they become real issues, and they live healthier and fuller lives as a result.

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At Dedication Health, we put patient care first. It’s the cornerstone of everything we do. Because of this, you’ll see shorter wait times, develop a real relationship with your physician, and will be empowered to live a healthier life. If you think concierge medical care is right for you, call 847-986-6770 and speak with our practice manager Christine or contact us online to see firsthand why concierge medical care will get bigger and what a difference it can make in your overall wellness.