Everyone Should Have A Concierge Physician – Here’s Why

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There’s some debate about whether concierge medicine is an ideal model or if it somehow harmful to medicine as a whole. However, we here at Dedication Health believe everyone should have a concierge physician. Here’s why…

Everyone Deserves to Feel Valued

Many modern practices operate more like assembly lines than medical care providers. Patients must book their wellness visits months in advance and even getting in for an urgent issue can be a challenge. When the patient arrives, they’re handed a stack of paperwork to fill out and they sit in a busy waiting room for nearly 20 minutes. When they finally get taken back, there’s more waiting and eventually an appearance from a physician, only the physician hasn’t had time to look over all the papers the patient has filled out. The appointment is brisk and focused purely on the most urgent matter. The physician doesn’t have time to stop and answer more questions, so if the patient wants to talk about something else, that’s another visit and more waiting. Under the concierge-style model, the focus is flipped from serving as many people to serving people, but serving them well.

Because most traditional offices are rushed, there’s little time to focus on whatever crisis brought the patient in, let alone taking steps that could prevent problems from occurring, Under the concierge-style model, the concierge physician really gets to know his or her patients, including lifestyle, health concerns, and family. Because the concierge physician can look at the whole picture, the two can develop a comprehensive plan that will help the person well and improve his or her overall health, so fewer acute or emergency visits are needed overall.

Everyone Should Have Access to Their Doctor

Continuity of care is not something most people think of until they don’t have it. This “passing of the torch” should happen seamlessly, whether a patient needs to visit a specialist, requires diagnostic testing, has been hospitalized, or is managing medications. If you’ve ever been told you need to have a CT scan, only to call that provider and spend 20 minutes trying to explain who you are, why you’re calling, and what insurance you have, then be told you’ll have to wait, you understand. Similar things occur day in and day out with traditional practices. When the primary office gives a referral, that’s it. They think their job is done. Unfortunately, that leaves patients trying to bridge the gaps, which can lead to delayed or improper care. With a concierge-style practice, more services are usually offered in-house, so patients never need referrals. Moreover, offices like Dedication Health have people who will ensure efforts between offices are coordinated, so nothing is ever left to chance.

Everyone Should Have A Concierge Physician – Choose Dedication Health

Now that you’ve read “Everyone Should Have A Concierge Physician – Here’s Why,” you probably have a clear picture of why the model has become so popular and why it can be so much better than traditional primary care. If you think a concierge-style practice is right for you, contact us online or speak directly with our practice manager Christine by calling 847-986-6770.

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