Health Concierge Membership Pros and Cons

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Imagine being able to reach a primary care doctor any time you want. A personal doctor who knows your entire medical history; answers your emails, texts, and phone calls 24/7; and gives you same-day appointments when you’re sick. And all for a flat fee that is generally less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. If this speaks to you, here’s what you should know about the pros and cons of a health concierge membership.

The Problem with Traditional Healthcare

The current healthcare system has become transactional and impersonal. Due to diminishing financial margins in the healthcare industry, there is unprecedented pressure on physicians to minimize patient visit times and employ an assembly-line approach to patient care.  Patient satisfaction is dropping after long waiting times and little fact-to-face time with their doctor. While physicians, whose eyes are forced to be on the computer and the clock, are experiencing “doctor burnout” by the revolving door of patients and endless administrative burdens.

Quantity Care vs. Quality Care

Caring for patients requires a more holistic approach than seeing patients as computer checkoffs. Medical offices need to focus on the patient who has the symptoms, not just the symptoms the patient has. This is why many doctors are opting out of high pressure, volume-driven medicine and choosing to open boutique concierge practices which feature low patient counts, 24/7 physician availability, personalized care, and a health concierge membership system. By doing so, concierge doctors are able to get away from “quantity medicine” and move to “quality medicine” with a patient-centered approach.

Health Concierge Membership Pros and Cons

Health Concierge Benefits for Doctors

One of the main benefits is concierge physicians have more time for their patients. Concierge medicine keeps doctors from having to rush patients in and out of the examination room. Since concierge doctors have fewer patients, they can see their patients more often and for longer periods of time. On average, a concierge doctor spends 30 minutes with a patient compared to the seven or eight minutes a traditional doctor spends. A low patient count also helps reduce administrative burdens which are a large contribution to doctor burnout. To put it in perspective, a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that for every hour physicians were seeing patients, they were spending nearly two additional hours on paperwork.

Health Concierge Benefits for Patients

If patients want to assure themselves of getting access to top-of-the-line medical care when they need it as well as concerted follow up including a physician acting as a health advocate with specialists and hospitals, concierge medicine is probably the answer for many of them. Studies have shown concierge healthcare creates better outcomes, keeps people healthier overall, and can even cut medical costs. This explains why more patients and physicians are making the switch to concierge medicine each year. Patients are much happier and satisfied with concierge healthcare and the perks and benefits offered

The Downside of Concierge Medicine

The biggest limitation of a health concierge membership is that it’s not insurance or a replacement for it. This type of care, which is also called retainer medicine or concierge medicine, works best as an add-on to your existing health plan. You pay a flat monthly or annual fee—no add-on charges—in exchange for the promise of nearly unfettered access to your person primary care physician. The main downside to concierge medicine is that some concierge practices do not accept insurance. Although others, including Dedication Health will accept and bill insurance for you.

Dedication Health’s Health Concierge Membership: Find a Concierge Doctor Near Chicago

Let’s face it, there is no better investment one can make than an investment in their health. After all, there is a direct correlation between the quality of one’s health and the overall quality of their life. With people wanting quality medical care, in many ways, concierge medicine is becoming the optimal choice. Dedication Health’s personalized health concierge membership program provides patients with numerous health benefits such as a greater emphasis on prevention, wellness, and longevity planning. Our patients also enjoy exclusive perks including same-day appointments, 24/7 access to your concierge doctor, valet parking, and private suites.

To learn more about our concierge medicine services or to find a concierge primary care physician, near Chicago reach out to us for more information! You can call Dedication Health at 847-986-6770 or leave us a message online and we will get back to you ASAP. Dedication Health is conveniently located at 710 Oak St, Winnetka, IL 60093 in Chicago’s North Shore.

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