Healthy New Year’s Resolutions: Four Surefire Ways To Make Them Stick in 2019

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With a new year approaching, it’s that time again when we start to consider our hopes, dreams, and goals. It might be that you are reflecting on what you had set out to achieve this year and didn’t quite accomplish, yet you are adamant that 2019 is going to be the year of mastery! Keeping this in mind, equipping yourself with some new tips and tricks can be a great way to keep your eyes on the prize of achieving and improving areas of your life.

How to Make Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Stick in 2019

Make Your Goals Meaningful

When you have a range of goals that you are trying to choose and focus upon, select the first few that are the most meaningful to you. By considering how achieving these goals would enrich your life, can help to motivate you and be successful in not only setting-out to achieve them but also remain committed to them.

If you have a goal such as, ‘volunteering more regularly’, this will not only add meaning to your life but it will also create extremely positive effects for others – this in itself can often contribute to being a strong motivator.

Additionally, honing-in on the most relevant goals increases the likeliness of you sticking to them.

Try Something New

Not everyone begins their year with goals and aims as some people approach the new year with an open mind and see where it takes them. If this is your usual stance, maybe try considering a new skill or hobby that you have never attempted before. Think of something that awakens a passion for you or that could improve your work performance. Perhaps there is something you could get involved in, such as learning how to play a new video game or how to play chess, which would enable you to further improve your social life and connect with those around you.

To help improve your motivation to achieve this goal may be to purchase a ‘How-to Guide’ or ‘Beginners Book’ so that you can take your time and break tasks down into manageable chunks.

Be Kind to Yourself

Whether you have decided to re-attempt a goal that you didn’t quite meet in 2020 or you are opting to go for something completely fresh and new, remember to be kind to yourself along the way. If and when you encounter setbacks, remember to keep yourself in-check, acknowledge that you are human and that learning is a process. Try to focus on what you have achieved and see what you can continue to learn in the areas that you find especially challenging.

Replace your negative mindset with positive affirmations and you will find it much easier to deal with the challenges that you face along the way.

Celebrate Small Achievements

Although everyone looks towards accomplishing what they have their heart set-on, don’t forget to enjoy the journey and all achievements along the way. If you are learning a language and have learned common day-to-day phrases then realize what a great start this is. Once you’ve signed up for that 5-mile run and you’ve managed your first mile don’t forget to praise yourself for the first step that you’ve made to reach your goal. 

Keeping a log of all of the achievements that you make along the way to reaching your goals can help you to keep track and have a visual motivation chart of how far you have come. Not only will the visual log enable you to feel proud of your success but when you do encounter challenges it will help you feel more motivated to create solutions. 

Stay on Track

It is common knowledge that sharing your goals with friends and family increases the likeliness of you sticking to them. Don’t be afraid to turn to loved ones for help, ideas, and support to achieve what you are setting out to do and maybe even consider if they want to join you and incorporate it into their life as well. The more you share the positive aspects of what you are trying to do, the more interested that those around you will become; therefore, encouraging others to reach for their dreams too!

Maintaining a realistic yet dedicated mindset can allow you to cope with the difficulties of your tasks whilst enjoying them and importantly, growing with them.