4 Concierge Medical Services You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Concierge Medical Services You Probably Didn’t Know About

You’ve probably heard by now that concierge medical services are designed to provide superior care, but what does that mean? Many expect concierge medicine to be what’s depicted on TV and reserved for the elite and celebrities. The reality is it’s not just about having your doctor’s ear whenever you want, nor is it something only a few can receive. Here’s a quick look at a few concierge medical services that will likely surprise you if you haven’t explored the concept in depth yet.

1) Specialty Care

You may seek out concierge medical services because you want a top-notch primary care physician. That is certainly a great reason to do so. However, practices like Dedication Health have specialty physicians on staff, meaning you can see someone who specializes in geriatrics, diabetes, cardiology, endocrinology, or even travel medicine as needed. If you’re a generally healthy person, simply knowing a higher level of care is available will likely provide some measure of comfort, but if you’re reliant on the help of specialists to manage a chronic condition, your care team will become your anchor.

2) More Services On-Site

Although not every practice brings in the latest in technology, Dedication Health does. Whether you need an x-ray, CT scan, or EKG, you can have it done in-office, thus saving the headache of travel and coordinating with other providers. An on-site lab, medicine reconciliation services, coumadin clinic, and nutrition/ wellness counseling are also available to members. If your needs are greater than what can be seen to in-office, your specialist or hospital care will be coordinated by your physician’s team as well.

3) 24/7 Access

Naturally, well cared for patients have fewer needs outside of office hours. The focus on wellness and receiving proper nutrition, paired with visits long enough to address all concerns, means that patients stay healthier and can pre-plan their visits. Because of this, physicians offering concierge medical services can confidently give their patients unrestricted access to them. At Dedication Health, patients can contact their doctors via phone, text, or email at any time they wish. This is helpful when an urgent need arises, but patients can utilize the service if they have questions about something that was discussed in an appointment or have other health concerns too.

4) Insurance Billing

Granted, not every practice is willing to bill insurance. However, Dedication Health believes that everyone deserves quality care, and as such, is in-network for a number of insurance companies. We will gladly bill them for concierge medical services provided. These service-related fees are standard, just as any physician might charge, despite the additional attention. However, patients are responsible for covering their membership dues.

Experience Quality Concierge Medical Services for Yourself

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