Quick Guide to Boutique Medical Services in Chicago

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If you’ve been considering boutique medical services in Chicago, you’re not alone. Both patients and physicians alike are moving to this model en masse. However, it’s still an emerging concept. It can be a challenge to find offices that have made the switch and pinpoint what exactly each one brings to the table. On this page, we’ll break down the basics; from finding boutique medical services in Chicago through what to look for when selecting a practice.

How to Find Boutique Medical Services in Chicago

Naturally, we’d like you to choose Dedication Health if you’re in the area. We’re just north of Chicago in Winnetka. However, if you’re not in the area or want to check all your options, here’s where to get info:

  • Recommendations from Family and Friends
  • Online Review Sites (like Yelp and Google)
  • Insurance Lists (Yes, a few accept insurance… more on this in a moment.)

Know the Difference Between “Boutique” Practice Types

Most practice types have been around for decades, though a few are gaining steam and seem new.

Direct Primary Care: Insurance is not billed. Patients typically pay a recurring retainer fee and services offered are all-inclusive. This model is usually used to deliver low-cost healthcare, so it’s typically provided by large corporations to employees. Physicians may limit visits and services in order to keep the monthly cost low for patients.

Concierge Medicine: Insurance may or may not be accepted. Patients typically pay a recurring retainer fee to hold their place in the practice. Some services, such as a yearly physical, may be included, though most services will be billed individually. This model is usually used to deliver high-quality healthcare, which can sometimes lower overall health costs because patients receive more personalized and preventative care.

Telemedicine: Traditional insurance plans do not typically cover telemedicine, though some do. Models vary, with some services being offered online and others via phone. In some cases, patients pay a membership fee and can speak with a medical professional at no charge or for a nominal fee, while other models are purely on-demand with no contracts, but higher fees when the service is accessed. This is not generally considered a replacement for primary care.

Important Questions to Ask

Because each practice operates a little differently—even those which fall into the same practice type—it’s important to ask questions in advance.

Can you bill my insurance?

Dedication Health is one of the few concierge-style practices that will not only bill insurance companies but is also in-network for several. If using your insurance is important to you, verify in advance that you can continue to do so.

What boutique medical services do you offer?

The boutique medical services available will vary by practice. Some offices offer fewer services, while others increase them. For example, Dedication Health has additional diagnostic testing available in-office, as well as specialist care and 24/7 access to a physician. Perks, such as valet parking and comfortable patient suites are also available.

What is the membership fee?

Whether called a membership or retainer fee, all concierge medical practices require some form of payment to hold your spot within the practice. This enables the physician to see fewer patients and offer longer appointments.

How long will it take to get in to see my doctor?

You should feel like you’re the priority when you’re choosing a boutique medical practice. Urgent needs should be seen to swiftly and well-care appointments shouldn’t require lengthy waits.

How long are appointments?

At Dedication Health, the answer is simple: “As long as you need.” Whereas appointments under a standard primary care model allow for about eight minutes with a physician, concierge-style practices usually allow for 30-90, depending on your needs. Each practice will have unique guidelines, though, so it’s worth asking what the policies are at any office you’re considering.

Sign Up for Concierge Medical Services in Chicago

If you have more questions or are ready to sign up for boutique medical services in Chicago, our practice manager Christine is glad to help. Call 847-986-6770 to speak with her or contact us via our online form and she’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.