Endocrinology: Finding the Best Diabetes Care Near Me

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If you’re looking for endocrinology or diabetes care, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that more than 100 million people have diabetes or prediabetes in the United States. Nearly 10% of the population is already diabetic, and the numbers are growing. If you’ve been recently diagnosed, it can seem like a hopeless disease, but it can be managed and you can live a full healthy life, especially if you get the right care.

What is a Diabetes Specialist?

There’s not really an official specialty of medicine devoted exclusively to diabetes. Those who provide diabetic care on a specialist level are usually endocrinologists. These are physicians who have gone through additional schooling related to internal medicine and then focused in on the glands of the endocrine system—the hormone system. This includes the pancreas, which is responsible for insulin production.

When Should I Search for Endocrinology Near Me?

1) Your doctor refers you.

Some primary care physicians really know diabetes well, and if you have an uncomplicated case, may be able to treat you in their office. If your doctor refers you out, it means he knows he doesn’t have the skills necessary to treat you or he’d feel better if you are in the hands of a specialist.

2) You question your doctor’s expertise.

Perhaps you know your doctor hasn’t treated many diabetics or you’ve got a nagging feeling he’s missing something.

3) You feel lost in your care.

Right out of the gate, your physician should be explaining your condition to you and going over all treatment options. If you go home and don’t know where to start or don’t feel you have the information necessary to treat your condition, see a specialist.

4) Your doctor isn’t listening to you.

Whether he seems to be ignoring your concerns or isn’t listening to you as you describe your symptoms, it’s a red flag that you should find a new care team. The only way to control diabetes is through understanding and managing it. You can’t do it unless you’re all working together.

5) You’re having issues or your body isn’t responding to treatment.

A body plagued by unchecked blood sugar gets taxed and complications arise. It’s incredibly important for your overall health to make sure you’re on a program that’s right for you.

6) You want to be sure you’re getting the best endocrinology treatment.

A general practitioner focuses on everything, but he can’t be an expert in everything. He’s probably not going to keep up with the newest advancements in endocrinology and diabetic care. You’ll need a specialist for that. Dr. Richard Stern, is Dedication Health’s on-site endocrinology and diabetes specialist.

7) You want comprehensive care.

Some physicians hand you a pamphlet and send you off to get medication and leave it at that. If you want access to a nutritionist, people who are trained in diabetes education, and who can handle care related to complications, a specialist is best. 

Endocrinology in Chicago: Find the Best Diabetes Care at Dedication Health

If you’re in the greater Chicago area, we’re here to help. Dedication Health is a concierge medical practice, meaning we provide a higher level of medical care across the board and top that off with perks. You can get general care and manage your diabetes better in one place. We offer as much time as you need with your general practitioner and your endocrinology specialist (and 24/7 access to your doctor), as well as nutritionist services, in-office diagnostics, medication management, and more.

If you’d prefer to focus on total wellness and keep your diabetes in check, Dedication Health is the place to be. Our practice manager Christine is glad to walk you through the process. Complete our online form or call 847-986-6770 to speak with her today.