Is Concierge Medicine Right For You?

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The Kings and Queens of yesteryear knew the answer to the question “Is concierge medicine right for you?” They kept private physicians near at hand because they valued their lives, and they valued their doctor’s skillset. They knew that their lives and health provided stability for their kingdom. A healthy royal at the head of the state ensured the safety and prosperity of the entire realm. The noble family kept the physician on retainer in the palace so they could benefit from the doctor’s services whenever and as however often they needed treatment.

American society has done well to continue recognizing the value of a doctor’s training, and now concierge medical practices are recognizing the value of their client patrons. Your home is your castle, and the people who count on you are in your kingdom. People rely on you for their security, life stability, and companionship. If your health suffers, it will impact the people around you. You can help ensure the stability of your kingdom by answering “yes” to the question, “Is concierge medicine right for me?” By keeping your physician on retainer as the nobles of old did, you will enjoy more convenient medical care that will keep you healthier than traditional practices.

How Does Concierge Medicine Keep You Healthier than Other Practices?

Ease of Scheduling: When you opt for concierge medicine, you pay a retainer fee in exchange for the benefit of being among the small number of patients that the practice will see. Because your doctor sees fewer patients, you will be able to schedule visits when and as often as needed.

Perks: Every practice offers a unique set of perks. At Dedication Health, perks include things like slippers waiting for you in a private suite and valet parking.

Quality of Care: Your physician will spend as much time with you as you need. Because you can spend more time with your doctor personally, you and the physician will have a better understanding of possible health concerns you are experiencing and will be able to better plan a course of healing.

Additional On-Site Services: Should you need additional testing or diagnostic screening, practices aim to have much of the needed equipment on site. As you will not need to visit as many additional testing centers or specialists, your doctor will be able to oversee the scope of your care personally. For example, you gain the convenience of a physician, diagnostic center, specialty care, and even nutritionist from one, mindfully small medical practice when you choose Dedication Health.
24/7 Access: Should you have a question or concern, you can call your doctor at any time of the day or night and know that they will make themselves available to you.

How to Decide “Is Concierge Medicine Right for You?”

Being a client of a concierge medical practice requires a small retainer. But at a few practices like Dedication Health, your insurance continues to cost of services. When you weigh the benefits of such personalized medical attention versus the monthly fee, you can easily see why many people feel “yes” is such an easy answer to the question, “Is concierge medicine right for you?”

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