Nature for Health: How Spending Time Outdoors Can Impact Health and Happiness

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Spending time outdoors in nature may have a positive impact on our health and happiness. Whether you prefer the beach, a hiking trail, or your own garden, getting outside could be an easy and powerful way to improve your health and wellbeing. Learn more about the benefits of nature for health.

Why Doctors are Prescribing Nature for Health

Here are six reasons to spend more time in nature:

Boost Immunity

Spending time outdoors can help bolster defenses to protect against viral infections as well as increase the immune response to vaccination.

Increase Energy

Because of the invigorating effects of fresh air and sunlight, going outside is a great way to improve vitality. The boost of sudden energy can help inspire you to be more active, too!

Release Stress

Taking a walk in nature for as little as 20 minutes could be enough to lower cortisol levels and significantly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Improve Mood

Being out in nature can create a sense of inner peace and happiness. Time spent outdoors may help improve feelings of self-esteem and help fight depression as well.

Alleviate Pain and Inflammation

Chronic pain can become worse with increased inflammation. Thankfully, both the causes and symptoms of inflammation can be reduced by spending more time in nature.

Lower Risk of Chronic Disease

Being outdoors, which is often associated with physical activity, can help lower the risk of cancer, cardiovascular problems, obesity, and more.

Nature for Health

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