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Sticking with your New Year’s health resolutions can be tough. If you’re like 77% of the population, according to Shelcy V. Joseph of Forbes Magazine, you’ve already let yours slip away. However, you can still make yours happen, even if you’ve stumbled. Joseph draws upon research presented by cognitive psychologist Spencer Gerrol who explains, “When setting these resolutions, dopaminergic reward systems (the orbitofrontal cortex and ventromedial prefrontal cortex) become more active”. This is what gets us excited about making big changes, but the brain doesn’t stay in this heightened state. Without regular stimulation, our desire to see things through wanes. Taking small steps, having accountability, and tracking your progress can help. As the leading concierge medical practice in Chicago, Dedication Health can assist you with lots of health resolutions too.  

Lose Weight

Many people like to oversimplify and say that losing weight is merely a matter of eating less and exercising more. True, this is part of it. But if it really was that simple, everyone would be slim and fit. Additionally, businesses formed around weight loss gimmicks would go out of business. The reality is, reaching your weight loss goal is a personal journey, and it helps to have someone on your side who can help you identify what changes you can make for optimal nutrition based on your health resolutions. Patients of our concierge medical practice in Chicago can use our dedicated app to get immediate access to a certified health coach for nutrition and wellness advice. So it’s easier to chart a personalized path that works—not just for weight loss, but for optimal health and wellness.

Quit Smoking

Data from the CDC concludes that about 70% of smokers want to quit, and more than half try each year, but just 6% are successful. The statistics are fairly grim, but there is some good news. There’s a huge difference in success rates when you work with your physician to get help quitting. According to Tobacco Free, if you do nothing and simply try to work through it on your own, there’s about a 5% chance you’ll quit. If you use a nicotine replacement, it jumps to 15%. If you work with your doctor and leverage prescription medications, you’ll be at 40%.   

Save Money

Many people consider the added expense of paying a membership fee when they join a concierge medical practice in Chicago, but the truth is, many people actually save money doing so. The reason behind this is simple. When you spend more time with your physician and your visits are unrushed, you not only have plenty of time to address everything that concerns you, but receive wellness coaching too. Studies have linked this type of care to reduced emergency room visits, fewer hospitalizations, and shorter stays for those who do require higher levels of care.

Reduce Stress

We like to call what we do “patient-first healthcare” and offer a number of services to make your life easier. Your time with your doctor is yours. You’re the only one scheduled for your appointment time, so you can spend all the time you need to with your physician. You’ll also have 24/7 access to your doctor, can get same-day appointments, and we can manage most routine care and specialist care in our office. If you do need treatment outside our office, we’ll make sure everything’s coordinated, so you can relax. Our patients enjoy perks like comfortable patient suites and valet parking too.


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