Concierge Medicine: Benefits of On Demand Healthcare

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Concierge medicine practices are continually heightening their prominence today. There are many reasons for that, including the growing demand for immediate care. As you probably know, healthcare carries a great deal of significance in our lives. For this reason, having more access to doctors for quality healthcare services goes a long way in improving your health and wellness. This is where the concept of concierge medicine comes in. As a model of on demand healthcare, concierge medicine provides patients the opportunity to receive better healthcare services compared to the traditional model. Here are the benefits of on demand healthcare you should know about:

On Demand Access to Your Doctor

Contrary to the traditional model where a scheduled appointment with a doctor can take days to materialize, on demand healthcare grants patients faster access to physicians. Concierge medicine makes it possible for patients to see their doctor on demand. Instead of waiting for a long time to have your medical issue addressed, a concierge medical practice offers 24/7 access to your doctor via phone, email, and text. And most importantly, same- or next-day appointments. On demand healthcare means that your health is a priority. When you’re sick or have a health concern you need addressed, you have fast and convenient access to a physician. Most offices, including Chicago concierge practice, Dedication Health, have no waiting times. Your appointment time is reserved for you, and is not time-restricted  in the same way traditional doctor visits are.

Building Trust and a Lasting Relationship

A good doctor-patient relationship should be encouraged for you to receive quality healthcare. Contrary to what many people think, receiving treatment is more than just seeing a doctor for a few minutes and going home. A good doctor takes the time to know the patient and their medical histories. Concierge healthcare makes that possible. The personalized access that concierge medicine accords to patients gives them a valuable platform to develop trust and a lasting relationship with their doctors, from a professional perspective. Through this, your doctor can best advise you accordingly with the medical issues that you face.

Effective Delivery of Healthcare Services

On demand healthcare provides patients effective and efficient healthcare services. Getting such in a traditional healthcare model is not easy since most doctors have little choice but to practice “assembly-line medicine”. With thousands of patients traditional doctors must make time to care for, visits are cut very short. This has led to patients and physicians feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. For this reason and others, concierge medicine is growing across the nation. Concierge doctors limit their patient count to only a few hundred patients, rather than thousands. They are able to provide their patients with longer, more thorough visits. Thus, with concierge medicine, patients are confident that you will have your medical issues taken care of with utmost care and professionalism. The fact that on-demand doctors give you special care and attention means that you will have better healthcare outcomes. This is particularly beneficial to patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Improved Health and Wellness with On Demand Healthcare

Concierge medicine plays a great role in improving health and wellness. The significance of the on demand healthcare model, in this regard, is that patients are not only treated and allowed to go home, until the next time they will need treatment but also advised on several important issues. For example, on demand healthcare offers preventive solutions to the common problems that many people face. This will help in preventing one from falling sick now and then. Aspects like weight loss and nutrition can be addressed well in a concierge-style of medicine where doctors have more time to focus on preventive medicine. Thus improving one’s  health and wellness significantly.

Concierge Medicine in Chicago: Get On Demand Healthcare at Dedication Health

At Dedication Health, we offer premium concierge medical services and membership benefits. The demand for telemedicine services is skyrocketing as more patients want immediate care. For this reason, we offer our members on demand healthcare. In other words, our doctors are available 24/7 through phone, text, and email. And unlike other doctors on demand or telemedicine services, Dedication Health sees patients at our office as well. This is because while telemedicine services are convenient, they are also generally limited. This is because many conditions require tests and labs to accurately diagnose. Additionally, these services do not allow you to see the same doctor all the time or built a trusting relationship with them. For this reason, Dedication Health offers telemedicine services as well as on demand healthcare at our office for maximum access and convenience. Our Chicago doctors can also accommodate patients with busy schedules with evening and weekend availability.

To provide the highest quality of on demand healthcare, we offer a limited number of memberships. These memberships are available for individuals and families on a first come basis. In order to become a member of Dedication Health, call us today at 847-986-6770 to reserve your spot. You can also fill out our contact form online and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. Learn more about concierge medicine from the links listed below.

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