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Dedication Health is a concierge medicine practice in Chicago’s North Shore. At Dedication Health, we believe that all individuals should have access to high-quality and personalized healthcare. But when one steps into a traditional doctor’s office, the opposite is usually found: long waiting lines, limited face-to-face time with a primary care physician, referral hassles, and limited availability. This is why many primary care physicians and patients are making the switch to a better, more convenient healthcare model: concierge medicine. Dedication Heath’s concierge health membership provides patients with 24-hour access to their top rated primary care physician, same day appointments, and an unrestricted amount of time with their concierge doctor. Learn more about Chicago’s top rated concierge primary care physicians at Dedication Health below.

Dr. John E. Croghan

John E. Croghan, MD is one of the top rated primary care physicians in Chicago. Dr. Croghan is triple board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Rheumatology and Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Croghan is a concierge doctor, rheumatologist, and founder at Dedication Health. Dr. John Croghan has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from Vitals, Google, and Healthgrades.

“I started Dedication Health to offer innovative, personalized primary care medical service and convenience to my patients. The high-volume and impersonal nature of today’s medical system simply does not offer what each patient fully deserves.” – John E. Croghan, MD

Patient Reviews

“Dr Croghan is truly 1 in a million in my opinion! Quite personable, brilliant, he provides strong patient advocacy and comprehensive care beyond what one might imagine, and is very prevention/wellness oriented. I cannot say enough about how instrumental he has been in keeping me healthy and in literally saving my life.
He makes a difference and is exactly who I want in life-and-death medical decision-making.
I do feel so very fortunate to be able to say that he is my doctor.” – Patient review from Google

“Dr Croghan saved my mothers life, years ago, and she is alive and well in her 90s. He also diagnosed a condition in my father, rarely seen at his age, just by paying attention to him walking – out and about and not by exam initially. He’s great.” – Patient review from Vitals

“He will take all of the time that you need to address your concerns. I have RA which was tricky to treat at first but he took the time to find the right combination of medicines to treat it. He is also willing to fight with the insurance companies to ensure that you get the medicine and treatment you need. Brilliant doctor.” – Patient review from Healthgrades

Dr. Philip H. Sheridan Jr.

Philip H. Sheridan Jr., MD is another top rated primary care physician near Chicago and concierge doctor at Dedication Health. Dr. Sheridan is board certified in Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease. Dr. Philip Sheridan, Jr. has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from Vitals, Google, and Healthgrades.

“The greatest satisfaction practicing medicine is having the privilege of taking care of patients both when well and especially in greater times of need when seriously ill.” – Philip H. Sheridan Jr., MD

Patient Reviews

“Dr Sheridan is a compassionate, caring physician whose patients are very important to him. I feel very lucky to have him as my primary care physician.” – Patient review from Google

“Dr. Sheridan is my pulmonary doctor. One of my issues is a lung nodule issue. He sits with you and answers every question. He is was understanding, knowledgeable, worked out a plan with me and for the first time in a long time, I knew that I was with a doctor that really had the knowledge to help, me with my medical issue.” – Patient review from Vitals

“When I was first introduced to Dr Sheridan at Dedication Health, I could tell he was knowledgeable, friendly, and kind. It’s been a struggle to find a doctor in Chicago that I like, but Dr. Sheridan is the best!” – Patient Review from Healthgrades

Dr. Santiago A. Candocia

Santiago A. Candocia, MD, FACP is not only a top rated primary care physician, but also one of the top travel medicine specialists near Chicago. Concierge physician Dr. Candocia specializes in Internal Medicine and pre-travel consultations, such as the administration of immunizations and travel safety knowledge. Dr. Santiago A. Candocia has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 from Vitals, Google, and Healthgrades.

“I am excited to be a part of a practice where I have more time to get to know my patients and help them achieve their wellness goals.” – Santiago A. Candocia, MD, FACP

Patient Reviews

“Dr. Candocia is, without a doubt, the most capable Internist/GP I’ve ever had (and I’ve had several really good ones in my life). His diagnostic skills astound me regularly; his bedside manner/likeability index is off the charts; and most importantly to my wife and me, he makes himself available for advice any time we need it (and he has…many times). He’s got our backs…and it feels good.” – Patient review from Google

“Dr. Candocia has an incredible bedside manner. He is patient and always asks the right questions to understand your symptoms. He has been our doctor for nearly 18 years and I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else.” – Patient review from Vitals

“Dr. Candocia has provided the highest level of care possible for my father, dealing with multiple complex ailments. Dr. Candocia is extremely attentive, advocates for his patients, explains treatments and choices in clear terms, exhaustively investigates all possible treatments, returns calls quickly, is available for the questions and concerns of family members, and is just simply a good doctor. I am absolutely certain that Dr. Candocia has extended my father’s life by more than a decade.” – Patient Review from Healthgrades

Dr. Richard D. Stern

Richard D. Stern, MD is one of Chicago’s top rated primary care physicians and a concierge doctor at Dedication Health. Dr. Richard Stern specializes in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Cardiovascular Issues, and Diabetes. Dr. Stern has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from Google and Healthgrades.

“I believe that it is vital to establish and preserve a trusting physician-patient relationship. Our concierge model enhances my ability to utilize both the art and science of medicine in the most personalized and complete fashion.” – Richard D. Stern, MD

Patient Reviews

“It’s always a very positive experience from the front door to the exam room. Phone calls, text messages, etc always returned. No wait for Appointments, usually the next day. I have been with Dr.Stern for 20 years, one of the best. You never feel rushed always have time to listen and get to know your personality not just your illness
The nurses and office staff are great, they are very personable and willing to help in every way .” – Patient review from Google

“A visit to Dr. Stern is a visit that outdoes every other doctor/doctor’s office I have ever been too. It’s not even close. He and the people who work with him are super nice and friendly. I had a short wait and had a short time until I got my diagnosis. He is straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush–he wants to know what is going wrong with your body, wants to help.” – Patient Review from Healthgrades

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With our affordable concierge health membership plans, there is no reason why you should have to continue dealing with the hassle and inefficiency of the traditional healthcare model. When it comes to your health, there is no better investment that you can make. Meet with Chicago’s best primary care physicians and become a member at Dedication Health today. To learn more about our concierge medical services or to find a primary care physician in Cook County, reach out to us for more information! You can call Dedication Health at 847-986-6770 or leave us a message online and we will get back to you ASAP.