Why Choose Concierge Medicine?

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If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Why concierge medicine?” the answer is different for everyone. It’s a very personal choice that each person has to make on his or her own, but we’ll outline the top four reasons most people make the switch below.

1) You Want a Relationship with Your Physician

In this day and age, many practices offer “cookie-cutter” care. In other words, a visit to the doctor is like going down an assembly line. Your doctor reviews your chart, asks you if there have been any changes, and then sends you on your way with a new round of prescriptions. He doesn’t really know who you are. And, if he doesn’t actually know who you are, how can he possibly know what’s best for you? That’s what makes concierge medicine so different. Physicians limit the number of patients in their practice and limit the number of people they see each day, so they can build real relationships with the people they treat. Your visits are unrushed and you can ask as many questions as you need.

2) You Want to Focus on Total Wellness

Traditional medical practices focus on sick care, and some of this is the byproduct of having so little time at each visit. The doctor only treats the most urgent and pressing need at each visit, and that means he could be missing some underlying issue that could solve a problem for good. With concierge medicine, your physician talks with you about your lifestyle and goals to help create a plan that brings you closer to them. It may include things like nutritional counseling and fitness ideas, in addition to medications if necessary. By focusing on total wellness, rather than sick care, you’ll feel better and live  a fuller life.

3) You Want Access to Your Physician When You Need Him

Whether you’re a parent with young children who come down with a fever on the weekend, you have ongoing medical concerns, or you are generally healthy, but sometimes wind up with a sinus infection at the worst possible time, you don’t want just anyone. You want the doctor you know and trust to care for you. Unfortunately, most offices have rigid schedules that require you to visit an urgent care facility or ER when you’re under the weather. Although the policies of each concierge practice varies, they generally aim to make physicians more available to their patients. At Dedication Health, our physicians are available for questions around the clock. Our concierge health membership includes same-day appointments and 24-hour access to your doctor.

4) You Appreciate Being Looked After

Concierge medicine typically affords additional conveniences, such as having more services and diagnostic equipment in the office and assistance with managing specialists. We provide other amenities as well. For example, our patients enjoy private suites and valet parking, in addition to our upgraded medical care options.

Why Concierge Medicine?

If you think concierge medicine is right for you, please contact our office for more information. You can fill out our online form or speak directly with our practice manager Christine by calling 847-986-6770.

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