Private Practice: Why Join a Concierge Medicine Practice

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Concierge medicine is a healthcare model that was created in the mid-1990s with the idea of providing more personalized medical attention. If you tend to go to a regular physician you may have already experienced long waiting times that would increase your frustration and anger, as well as short appointment times that were not enough to provide you individualized healthcare. If this is your case then concierge medicine is the ideal model for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the advantages a private practice has over traditional practices and why it works for both sick and healthy people.

Benefits of Joining a Private Practice

Longer appointments

Concierge physicians limit the number of patients they see in order to provide longer appointments. This also ensures shorter wait times. The minimum appointment time of concierge doctors is at least 30 minutes for healthy patients. Long appointment times will help you to build a trustworthy relationship with your doctor, have better communication, and will allow your doctor to know you well. The feeling of being comfortable with your doctor is invaluable.
By treating fewer patients concierge doctors ensure that all your health needs and concerns are addressed. This results in higher satisfaction and a better health outcome.

More Access

Apart from the short appointment times, it can take you a long time to schedule an appointment in the traditional medicine system but concierge medicine focuses on the patient’s experience and provides quick-access healthcare. You can easily access your doctor both electronically and in person. You will have the benefit of shorter wait times between doctor visits and even access to same-day appointments. Other added benefits may be house-calls and the physician’s cell phone number.

The quick-access also applies to diagnostic tests like biopsies on potentially cancerous lesions that would take you weeks to get the results, for concierge patients would take shorter wait times.
Last but not least, it gives you the ability to become patients of leading healthcare specialists. This means that you will be attended by the best specialists.

Personalized Attention

Concierge medicine allows you to have a direct relationship with your doctor. Individualized attention helps you to promote overall wellness, to manage chronic conditions to prevent complications, and make an early diagnostic of any condition that could become a bigger problem. Your doctor will actually get to know you and will cover all the issues you have in detail during the appointment. With concierge medicine, you will have one primary care provider with whom you will build a long-term relationship and who will have a detailed knowledge of your medical history. Your concierge doctor is someone that you will trust and feel comfortable with.

Chicago Private Practice: Join Dedication Health

The main purpose of concierge medicine and a private practice is to provide highly attentive and personalized attention to the patients. It focuses on patient-care and taking care of every issue in detail. The concierge doctor will help you to manage chronic conditions and prevent any disease. Stop waiting a long time to set up appointments and spending hours in the waiting room for short appointments that won’t give you the individualized attention you need. With concierge medicine, you will get quick access to high-quality healthcare.

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