3 Reasons Primary Care Physicians Switch to Concierge Medicine

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Concierge healthcare is continuing to grow in popularity all across the country. Concierge medicine, often referred to as retainer medicine, is considered to be much more rewarding for both physicians and their patients. Rather than the traditional model of care, concierge primary care physicians cater to their patients rather than insurance companies. This is not to say that they do not accept insurance. In fact, many concierge medical practices including Dedication Health will bill your insurance for tests not included in your membership.

While every practice is different, generally a concierge health membership includes unlimited visits and urgent care, 24-hour access, routine vaccinations, health screenings, and other services. Rather than paying a copay or coinsurance, these services are included in the membership cost. Today, concierge medicine is more accessible than ever as more families are able to not only afford the membership, but end up saving money in the long run. As more patients and physicians see the value of concierge primary care, this model will continue to rise in popularity. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons primary care physicians decide to switch to concierge medicine.

Why Physicians Switch to Concierge Primary Care

To Provide Better Care

Most primary care physicians prefer to provide patient-centered medical care. They want the care be on the patient’s terms rather than deal with the barriers and constraints from insurance companies. Fortunately, this is now possible thanks to concierge primary care. Nearly 9 out of 10 physicians claimed this was a main reasons why they chose to explore concierge primary care. In fact, the desire to give patients more attention has been considered the most essential factor for becoming concierge physicians. Patient engagement is what concierge medicines focus on in the first place. Primary care physicians wholeheartedly hope to start taking better care of patients instead of spending the majority of them time dealing with paperwork.

Their main goal is to have more time to spend with their patients, instead of having to operate more like an assembly line. Traditional primary care physicians only have a few minutes with their patient, which is hardly considered to be enough time to address the patient’s concerns and provide the correct treatment. This has left both patients and physicians unsatisfied, which has been a big factor in the US Physician Shortage, as more doctors are deciding to leave medicine. Physicians that make the switch believe concierge medicine model will enable them to provide phenomenal care for their patients, because they will actually have time for them. This is because concierge physicians see significantly less patients.

To Make Practicing Medicine More Rewarding

Along with the benefits previously mentioned for patients and physicians, concierge medicine allows practices to reduce overhead costs and prevent doctor burnout. This is the second most important reason primary care physicians switch to concierge medicine. When patients take their health in their own hands and join a concierge medicine practice, they pay a membership to the practice instead of or along with an insurance company. Most concierge primary care physicians tend to use the patient fees to reinvest in their practices and expand their services.

Concierge primary care physicians can expand services for patients with limited schedules or chronic conditions that need frequent follow up. These services include same- or next-day appointments and 24-hour direct access via email, phone, and text. Additionally, they are able to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to allow prompt and accurate results. Instead of having to wait for results, some concierge primary care practices have an on-site lab. Including an imaging suite and radiology technicians. And it alleviates financial burdens on physicians that occur when they have to wait for reimbursement from insurance companies. Under this more sustainable model, there is no need to charge for every visit or service provided. Because the money generated from membership fees is enough for the concierge practice to keep running so well.

To Build a Strong Doctor-Patient Relationship

Lastly, one of the greatest benefits of switching to concierge medicine remains the opportunity to know your patients. The doctor-patient relationship impacts not only patient satisfaction but also patient outcomes. Research has shown that patients that have a personal doctor they trust and stay with can prolong their lives. This is in part because patients who are comfortable with their doctor open up more. Moreover, concierge primary care physicians get to know their patients and their medical histories. As a result, they are able to diagnose and treat conditions effectively and accurately. Unfortunately, medical errors happen far more than people think. Largely because face-to-face time with physicians is cut so short. Any left out details could result in a missed or wrong diagnosis.

The goal of a concierge primary care physician is to be your partner in health. They want to have the time to not only treat you when you are sick. But to offer preventative medicine as well so you can stay healthy for years to come. Patients and physicians that see the life-saving value in this choose to switch to concierge medicine. They are generally glad they did and wish they had sooner. The vast majority decide to stay in the model and high patient satisfaction scores reflect that.

What Do Top Concierge Primary Care Physicians Say?

While there are many reasons primary care physicians switch to concierge medicine, the three above are most common. Four of the top concierge primary care physicians practice at Dedication Health in Illinois. Here is what they say about concierge medicine:

“I started Dedication Health to offer innovative, personalized primary care medical service and convenience to my patients. The high-volume and impersonal nature of today‚Äôs medical system simply does not offer what each patient fully deserves.” – Dr. John Croghan

“The greatest satisfaction practicing medicine is having the privilege of taking care of patients both when well and especially in greater times of need when seriously ill.” – Dr. Philip Sheridan Jr.

“I am excited to be a part of a practice where I have more time to get to know my patients and help them achieve their wellness goals.” – Dr. Santiago Candocia

“I believe that it is vital to establish and preserve a trusting physician-patient relationship. Our concierge model enhances my ability to utilize both the art and science of medicine in the most personalized and complete fashion.” – Dr. Richard Stern

If the benefits above sound valuable to you, concierge primary care may be right for you. If you are looking for a concierge primary care physician near Chicago, consider joining Dedication Health. You can get more information about our practice by contacting us online. Or by calling our office at 847-986-6770.

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