4 Things Concierge Medicine Doctors Do Differently

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Despite common frustrations with the primary care experience, many people don’t know an alternative exists in concierge medicine. With a smaller patient roster and more attention from their primary care provider, the patient experience improves, sometimes dramatically. At a typical concierge practice, concierge medicine doctors offer their patients same-day or next-day appointments, comprehensive screenings, diagnostic services and 24/7 physician access.

How Are Concierge Medicine Doctors Different?

Patients in a concierge practice appreciate the immediate access to their physician by cell phone, e-mail, and same-day appointments, and minimal waiting time in private, pleasant waiting rooms. Concierge medicine doctors limit the number of patients they see. As a result, they can provide enhanced access, longer appointments, and highly customized patient care.  Here is what you need to know about concierge medicine doctors, and what makes them different.

Your concierge doctor will see you ASAP.

Concierge medicine doctors can see you sooner for standard appointments, and within 24 to 48 hours for sick visits. This means no more waiting for weeks for an acute illness, waiting hours in the waiting room prior to being seen or having many questions after a 5-minute doctor visit. You’ll get same day visits, phone and video visits, questions answered by text or email, and as much time with your personal doctor as needed for every visit.

Concierge medicine doctors build trusting relationships with their patients.

The opportunity to build a relationship with a doctor is a top selling point. In contrast to the high-touch concierge approach, the typical traditional physician visit lasts 18 minutes. The average patient can speak for 23 seconds before the physician interrupts. One out of three parents reported spending less than 10 minutes with the clinician at their last well-child visit; only one out of five spent over 20 minutes. Trying to have a meaningful discussion under these circumstances is difficult. Physicians often select treatments based on what they believe their patients would want, absent an actual conversation.

Concierge medicine offers personalized, preventive care to keep you healthy.

Plus, your annual physical may include preventive procedures that insurance plans are not required to cover under the Affordable Care Act, such as an expanded blood panel and screening for Alzheimer’s disease. Our Chicago concierge practice has a fully equipped lab and radiologists on-site so you can get the right answers, right away. For example, he could order tests and read the results in a matter of days for a patient with possible metastatic cancer, then arrange a biopsy that showed the patient had a much less serious condition. The process would likely have taken weeks at his former practice—and left the patient anxiously awaiting results for much longer.

Concierge medicine doctors are accessible 24/7 through phone, text, and call.

In addition to longer appointments that are easier to secure, concierge medicine doctors are more accessible than traditional primary care physicians. Patients have 24-hour access through phone, text, and call.

Concierge Medicine Near Me: Join Dedication Health

If you live near Chicago, choose Dedication Health as your concierge medical practice. Dedication Health offers personalized concierge medicine services catered to each person’s specific needs. In exchange for a membership fee, concierge medicine doctors can see fewer patients and increase the time with each patient. The result is greater access to the physician and more personal, prevention-focused care for the patient. To learn more about concierge medicine or to become a member, call our concierge practice at 847-986-6770. If you would rather us contact you instead fill out our quick contact form now.

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