Heart Health Tips to Protect Your Heart

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February is American Heart Month. Here at Dedication Health, we want to bring you accurate information, support, and heart health tips. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death for Americans regardless of gender and ethnic background. Studies have shown that the Coronavirus has lasting effects on the heart, which is why it is vital to start thinking about how to make some positive changes that your heart will thank you for.

Top Heart Health Tips

Decrease Stress

Now more than ever, Americans are struggling more and more with high-stress levels due to the impact of the Coronavirus. Managing your stress is very important to heart health. With Americans more stressed than ever due to many factors involving the Coronavirus, it is now vital to their health for people to learn how to lower their stress. You may consider talking to someone about your stress, such as a doctor or counselor. They can provide coping skills or other tools to use to lower stress. 

Get Active 

Pump it up! One of the best ways to better your heart health is to get it pumping. Creating a lifestyle that allows you to be more active will strengthen your heart. A mixture of cardio and strength training is the ideal regime. Still, it is important to talk to your doctor before adding any new type of strenuous activity to your lifestyle. Don’t have access to a gym right now? No problem! There are many online resources where you can do your workouts at home. Need motivation? Join some step challenge online groups and get involved with others with similar goals! 

Drop the Bad Habits

Do you smoke or drink? Do you undersleep or oversleep? Go through the drive-thru too often? Or, do you drink too much caffeine? Habits like this make it hard for the body to regulate and stay healthy; however, some of these habits can be challenging to quit. Finding replacements that will be better for your heart and overall wellness will prove to help reduce the risk of heart disease and help you live a much healthier life without feeling like you are losing out on your old vices. Additionally, finding new hobbies can be a fun way to improve your health while trying hobbies you haven’t had a chance to try before. 

Monitor Your Heart Health

Blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rhythm, blood glucose levels, family history, and other determining factors are taken into consideration in determining your heart health. These are all things your doctor or concierge medicine practitioner can help with. They may perform tests such a stress test, blood work, medication management, imaging, and other services to care for any preventative care or in the treatment for any heart conditions. Consult with your physician if you have any acute and severe symptoms as it could be a sign of an emergency. 

Lose Weight 

Did you know that 37% of Americans are overweight? Being overweight can cause a lot of unnecessary stress on the heart. If you have a body mass index (BMI) over 25, you are at risk for cardiac issues due to the extra work that the heart has to work in order to pump blood effectively. Keeping your body at a calorific deficit, drinking plenty of water, and getting regular exercise will help shed some of those extra pounds. Following some of the other tips provided above should also help with weight management.  

Concerned About Heart Health?

At Dedication Health, we care about our patients’ concerns when it comes to their heart health. If you are looking for a concierge medical service to give you a personalized approach to treatment and monitoring, contact us today. Before making any significant changes, consult with your doctor so that they can monitor and guide you in the right approach to take. Prioritize your heart health, during American Heart Month and beyond.

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