New Updates from Dedication Health

Dedication Health

Exciting Updates from Dedication Health


Now Offering Galleri™ Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test

Today, the majority of cancers are diagnosed too late, when outcomes are poor. That’s why we’re excited to offer the Galleri™ multi-cancer early detection test* to our members. This first-of-its-kind test detects more than 50 types of cancer through a simple blood draw.

When cancer is detected in its early stages, more cancer treatment options may be available that can improve survival rates. Call our office to make an appointment to learn more and determine if the test may be right for you.

Join Us in Welcoming Our New Certified Health Coaches

If you’re having trouble making healthy habits stick, personalized health coaching through MyHealthCoach can help. MyHealthCoach, is our innovative, chronic care management application that will allow you to work with our certified health coaches to implement doctor-recommended changes to your diet and lifestyle. And in turn, help you reach health and wellness goals.

To start working with one of our certified health coaches, call the office at 847-986-6770. Or, email our team at to sign up for MyHealthCoach.


Welcome, Christina!

“I am a nutritionist and health coach with nearly twenty years of experience supporting and educating patients so that they can live a balanced lifestyle. I believe that wellness is a lifelong pursuit and empower my patients to find enjoyable ways of incorporating healthy choices into their everyday.”

– Christina Kamins


Welcome, Laura!

“I enjoy working one on one with individuals and specialize in heart health, diabetes, gut health, weight loss and stress management. As a coach I love to guide people to build a solid foundation for sustainable changes through small approaches, rather than overwhelmingly large steps.”

– Laura Kilgos


Want to Schedule an Appointment?

Call the Dedication Health office at 847-986-6770 to see your concierge physician.

FLU SHOTS: Flu shots will be available for patients beginning on October 1st. Please call our office to schedule an appointment to receive your annual flu shot. COVID-19 BOOSTERS: The CDC recommends a new COVID-19 booster shot that are available from Pfizer and Moderna. The updated COVID-19 boosters are formulated to better protect against the most recently circulating COVID-19 variant. Pfizer's is currently for everyone 12 years old and up, while Moderna's is only for adults over 18. Please call your local pharmacy to receive your booster.