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If you want more personalized care from your physician, concierge medicine is the perfect solution. Concierge medical practices, including here at Dedication Health in Cook County, take the time to build strong and enduring relationships with each patient. Concierge physicians use that insight to create an individual personal health plan for a healthy and fulfilling life. Patients can take comfort in knowing your doctor is dedicated to delivering the highest quality healthcare and personalized medical concierge services. Learn more about medical concierge services to determine if concierge medicine is right for you.

Medical Concierge Services

While all concierge practices are different, you can generally expect to see the following concierge medicine services:

Concierge Primary Care

Concierge primary care puts you in charge of your health by providing unparalleled communication and convenience with your healthcare team — online and in person. It’s the day-to-day healthcare you rely on from your primary care physician, plus a whole lot more. Concierge primary care is personalized and preventative healthcare. Concierge primary care doctors believe you have to be proactive when it comes to your health. You can’t wait for something to go wrong with your body to decide to take care of it. And when you do begin to experience some type of symptoms, you need to correct the source of the problem and not just suppress the symptoms. With a concierge health membership at Dedication Health, you and your family will receive personalized, preventative primary care to help you maintain optimal health and wellness.

Specialist Care

You may seek out concierge medical services because you want a top-notch primary care physician. That is certainly a great reason to do so. However, practices like Dedication Health have specialty physicians on staff, meaning you can see someone who specializes in geriatrics, diabetes, cardiology, endocrinology, or even travel medicine as needed. Finding practices that offer specialist care can be a challenge, but it’s well worth it if you want your care team to be on the same page, working together on your treatment. Even if you do not need specialist care now, simply knowing a higher level of care is available will likely provide some measure of comfort.

Travel Medicine

Travel is a great way to see the world and experience different cultures and activities. But it could also come with some health risks. All international travelers should see a travel medicine specialist before their trip. Travel medicine services include pre-travel counseling to provide health and safety information for your destination, vaccines, and medication allowances. If you are located in Cook County, our travel medicine specialist will take the time to go over all your concerns, so you can have a safe and healthy trip.

Disease Prevention and Management

The goal of disease prevention is to optimize health and reverse or prevent chronic disease. Chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer account for some of the most common health problems in the United States. They are also the leading causes of death and disability. Yet many of these chronic diseases are preventable with better lifestyle habits and preventative care. By working to prevent chronic diseases, patient outcomes and life expectancy can improve drastically. That is why disease prevention and management is a major focus for concierge medical practices.


The demand for telemedicine services is skyrocketing as more patients want immediate care without leaving their homes. For this reason, some concierge practices are offering telemedicine services. At Dedication Health, for example, our members have the option to schedule virtual doctor visits for maximum access and convenience. And unlike other doctors on-demand or telemedicine services, Dedication Health sees patients at our office as well. Our Chicago doctors accommodate patients with busy schedules both in and out of the office. This is because while virtual doctor services are convenient, they can not replace all visits. This is because many conditions require tests and labs to accurately diagnose. Additionally, these services do not allow you to see the same doctor all the time or built a trusting relationship with them.

Medical Concierge Services in Cook County: Join Dedication Health

When it comes to your health, there is no better investment that you can make. Meet with the top Chicago physicians in Chicago and become a member at Dedication Health today. To learn more about our concierge medicine services or to find a primary care physician in Cook County, reach out to us for more information! You can call Dedication Health at 847-986-6770 or leave us a message online and we will get back to you ASAP. Dedication Health is conveniently located at 710 Oak St, Winnetka, IL 60093 in Chicago’s North Shore.

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