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Bringing 5-Star Service to Imaging and Radiology

Dedication Health’s radiology service is unlike any other medical imaging service in Chicago, and you’ll know it the minute you walk through the door. As a leading concierge medicine provider, we ensure you are informed and comfortable. When you join our concierge practice, enjoy complimentary valet parking and private suites with slippers and a blanket

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How Do I Find Concierge Doctors Near Me?

Searching For Concierge Doctors Near Me It’s not always easy to find reliable, easy-to-understand information about specific doctors or practices. However, there are effective strategies and helpful resources you can use to find a new doctor in your area. When searching for good concierge doctors near you, here is what to focus on in your

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Why Choose Concierge Medicine?

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Why concierge medicine?” the answer is different for everyone. It’s a very personal choice that each person has to make on his or her own, but we’ll outline the top four reasons most people make the switch below. 1) You Want a Relationship with Your Physician In this day and

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Cook County Health Care: Concierge Medicine in Chicagoland

Dedication Health is Cook County’s premier concierge medicine practice. At Dedication Health, patients enjoy 24-hour access to their concierge doctors who take the time to understand fully their individual conditions and histories. With same-day appointments, little to no wait times, and longer appointment duration, there is more of an opportunity to build a trusting and

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What is Hybrid Concierge Medicine?

The term “concierge medicine” is still emerging, and each office offers something a little different in this respect. On top of this, we now have “hybrid concierge medicine” as well. So, what is hybrid concierge medicine? On this page, we’ll explore what both terms mean, as well as how each differs from what you may

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Travel Medicine Clinic and Travel Health Services

Travel is a great way to see the world and experience different cultures and activities, but it could also come with some health risks. All international travelers should visit a travel medicine clinic before their trip for necessary travel vaccines and helpful travel health and safety information for your destination. Whether you are taking a

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