4 Things Concierge Medicine Doctors Do Differently

Chicago Concierge Doctor Concierge Doctors

Despite common frustrations with the primary care experience, many people don’t know an alternative exists in concierge medicine. With a smaller patient roster and more attention from their primary care provider, the patient experience improves, sometimes dramatically. At a typical concierge practice, concierge medicine doctors offer their patients same-day or next-day appointments, comprehensive screenings, diagnostic […]

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Concierge Medicine Chicago

Concierge Medicine Chicago - Chicago Doctors

Imagine being able to reach your primary care doctor any time you want. Someone who knows your entire medical history; answers your emails, texts, and phone calls 24/7; gives you same-day appointments when you’re sick. This high level of attention and care is now accessible for individuals and families that become a member at a […]

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Geriatric and Primary Care Medical Concierge Services

Concierge Medicine Practice 5 Things to Look For Medical Concierge Services

If you want more personalized care from your physician, concierge medicine the perfect solution! As a concierge medical practice, Dedication Health takes the time to build strong and enduring relationships with each patient. We use that insight to create an individual personal health plan for a healthy and fulfilling life. You can take comfort in […]

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Concierge Family Medicine: 3 Invaluable Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Concierge Family Medicine Chicago Concierge Health Membership

Concierge medicine, or concierge family medicine, is a private form of healthcare in which physicians charge their patients an out-of-pocket retainer or membership fee in exchange for full, immediate access to their services. As well as perks such as same-day appointments, 24-hour access to medical attention via cellphone or email, and an unrestricted amount of […]

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How Do I Find Concierge Doctors Near Me?

concierge doctors near me - find top rated concierge doctors near chicago

Searching For Concierge Doctors Near Me It’s not always easy to find reliable, easy-to-understand information about specific doctors or practices. However, there are effective strategies and helpful resources you can use to find a new doctor in your area. When searching for good concierge doctors near you, here is what to focus on in your […]

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Primary Care Physician Near Me: Top Rated Primary Care Physicians in Chicago

concierge medicine doctors Chicago concierge physician top primary care physician near me

Find a Top Rated Primary Care Physician in Chicago Dedication Health is a concierge medicine practice in Chicago’s North Shore. At Dedication Health, we believe that all individuals should have access to high-quality and personalized healthcare. But when one steps into a traditional doctor’s office, the opposite is usually found: long waiting lines, limited face-to-face […]

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Why Choose Concierge Medicine?

why concierge medicine concierge medicine near me

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Why concierge medicine?” the answer is different for everyone. It’s a very personal choice that each person has to make on his or her own, but we’ll outline the top four reasons most people make the switch below. 1) You Want a Relationship with Your Physician In this day and […]

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Cook County Health Care: Concierge Medicine in Chicagoland

Cook County Health Membership, Cook County Concierge Medicine, Dedication Health, Concierge Doctors in Chicagoland

Dedication Health is Cook County’s premier concierge medicine practice. At Dedication Health, patients enjoy 24-hour access to their concierge doctors who take the time to understand fully their individual conditions and histories. With same-day appointments, little to no wait times, and longer appointment duration, there is more of an opportunity to build a trusting and […]

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What is Hybrid Concierge Medicine?

hybrid concierge medicine chicago

The term “concierge medicine” is still emerging, and each office offers something a little different in this respect. On top of this, we now have “hybrid concierge medicine” as well. So, what is hybrid concierge medicine? On this page, we’ll explore what both terms mean, as well as how each differs from what you may […]

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Disease Prevention May Be Concierge Medicine’s Biggest Advantage

disease prevention preventative healthcare concierge medicine chicago

Concierge medicine is transforming the healthcare landscape of modern-day treatment with its emphasis on patient-focused healthcare, disease prevention, and personalized attention. While there are many advantages to concierge medicine including same-day appointments and on-site specialist care, arguably the most important is the focus on preventative health. Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability. […]

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