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Concierge Medicine is No Longer for the Wealthy

If you read the headlines, it’s easy to be misled, but concierge medicine is no longer for the wealthy. Recently, the Times drug readers in with their sensational story “The Doctor Is In. Co-Pay? $40,000,” and while things like this are and can be true, they’re not the whole story at all. There are many

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How Much Does Concierge Medicine Cost?

How much does concierge medicine cost? The simple answer is, probably less than you think. On this page, we’ll break down some of the common expenses at a national level and identify how you could actually save money by joining a concierge medical practice. How Much Does Concierge Medicine Cost? Before we begin, it’s important

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Is Concierge Medicine Right For You?

The Kings and Queens of yesteryear knew the answer to the question “Is concierge medicine right for you?” They kept private physicians near at hand because they valued their lives, and they valued their doctor’s skillset. They knew that their lives and health provided stability for their kingdom. A healthy royal at the head of

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Concierge Medicine and Insurance

Concierge Medicine and Insurance: Here’s What You Need to Know When people first hear about concierge medical practices, they generally like the idea, but often wonder about concierge medicine and insurance. Whether or not insurance covered concierge medicine is a question worth asking, but it doesn’t have a simple answer. On this page, we’ll explore

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Everyone Should Have A Concierge Physician – Here’s Why

There’s some debate about whether concierge medicine is an ideal model or if it somehow harmful to medicine as a whole. However, we here at Dedication Health believe everyone should have a concierge physician. Here’s why… Everyone Deserves to Feel Valued Many modern practices operate more like assembly lines than medical care providers. Patients must

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