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Welcome to the Dedication Health wellness blog. Here you will find tips for diet, exercise, or stress relief as well as current trends in the healthcare industry and technology.

The Average Doctor Appointment Is Far Too Short

Doctors become doctors to care for people, to listen to them, guide them toward wellness, diagnose and treat them when they are ill, and generally to be healers rooted within a community. These themes are so foundational that the hypocritic oath specifically calls out the importance of mentorship between physicians, the need to remember the

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Benefits of Electronic Health Records (EHR)

In a world that revolves around digital information, doctors and other medical practitioners have begun to heavily rely on electronic health records. EHR or electronic health records are digital records of health information. They contain all the information you’d find in a paper chart — and a lot more. There are many benefits to using

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Benefits of Virtual Doctor Visits

The enormous advancement in videoconferencing technology over the last few years has made it possible for people to access this technology via PCs, smartphones, and tablets, something that was not possible after it went live. This technology has gone viral and is slowly replacing the routine patient visits to a physician in the health sector.

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Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy 2020

New Year’s is an opportunity to recommit to your health and well-being: Eat better. Exercise regularly. Drink more water. Changing your habits, no matter how well-meaning, is hard. And if you’re looking for New Year’s resolution ideas you can actually stick to, consider looking past the big, obvious ones and and seek ones that may

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Health Concierge Membership Pros and Cons

Imagine being able to reach a primary care doctor any time you want. A personal doctor who knows your entire medical history; answers your emails, texts, and phone calls 24/7; and gives you same-day appointments when you’re sick. And all for a flat fee that is generally less than the cost of a cup of

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Doctor on Demand: 24/7 Access to Your Doctor

At a time when in-and-out appointments are a financial necessity for most physicians, Dedication Health and a growing number concierge medicine practices are maximizing their time to provide patients with enhanced access. By keeping their patient count low, concierge doctors have the opportunity to better serve their patients. At Dedication Health, patients enjoy 24-hour access

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