Heart Health Tips for American Heart Month 2020

Amercian Heart Month 2020 Health Heart Tips Chicago Doctor

February might be well-known as the month of love, but it is considered American Heart Month as well. It is the perfect timing to learn what heart disease is and how you can prevent it. Heart disease is a serious and dangerous condition, which takes the lives of many people every day. As the leading […]

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Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy 2020

sustainable new year's resolutions healthy 2020

New Year’s is an opportunity to recommit to your health and well-being: Eat better. Exercise regularly. Drink more water. Changing your habits, no matter how well-meaning, is hard. And if you’re looking for New Year’s resolution ideas you can actually stick to, consider looking past the big, obvious ones and and seek ones that may […]

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Health Concierge Membership Pros and Cons

VIP Health Concierge Membership Concierge Medicine

Imagine being able to reach a primary care doctor any time you want. A personal doctor who knows your entire medical history; answers your emails, texts, and phone calls 24/7; and gives you same-day appointments when you’re sick. And all for a flat fee that is generally less than the cost of a cup of […]

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Bringing 5-Star Service to Imaging and Radiology

imaging center and radiology services chicago

Dedication Health’s radiology service is unlike any other medical imaging service in Chicago, and you’ll know it the minute you walk through the door. As a leading concierge medicine provider, we ensure you are informed and comfortable. When you join our concierge practice, enjoy complimentary valet parking and private suites with slippers and a blanket […]

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Medicine Reconciliation Is An Important Patient-Safety Tool

medicine reconciliation medication reconciliation chicago reconcile medication

Medication errors have been shown to be the most common type of errors affecting patient safety. In fact, preventable adverse drug events are associated with one out of five injuries or deaths. Preventing harm from medications, or adverse drug events (ADEs), remains a top patient safety priority. Medicine reconciliation is an effective tool for for […]

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Doctor on Demand: 24/7 Access to Your Doctor

doctor on demand in chicago concierge health care

At a time when in-and-out appointments are a financial necessity for most physicians, Dedication Health and a growing number concierge medicine practices are maximizing their time to provide patients with enhanced access. By keeping their patient count low, concierge doctors have the opportunity to better serve their patients. At Dedication Health, patients enjoy 24-hour access […]

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Specialist Care: What Type of Doctor Do You Need To See?

Specialist Care: How Do I Find a Medical Specialist Near Me? A specialist is a doctor who, as the name implies, specializes in a particular type of medicine, like Cardiovascular Medicine, Endocrinology, or Geriatrics. Knowing which medical specialist is right for which ailment often requires time, research, and expertise. Use this guide below to determine […]

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Personal Doctor: Seeing Same Doctor Every Time May Prolong Your Life

Concierge Doctor Concierge Doctors Chicago Personal Doctor

A new study appearing in BMJ Journals highlights the importance of finding a personal doctor you feel comfortable with and staying with them. The paper, called “Continuity of care with doctors—a matter of life and death?” was designed to explore whether or not there is a correlation between positive health outcomes and the receipt of continuity […]

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Health Membership Offered in Chicago

health membership Chicago

There are various health membership options and concierge medical plans offered in Chicago. Unlike other methods to manage your healthcare and costs, such as insurance, each health membership plan is determined by the individual provider, so you will see differences from one practice to the next. On this page, we’ll go over the types of […]

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Pulmonary Care: 5 Tips to Find a Specialist Quick

Pulmonary Care Chicago - Pulmonary Doctor - Pulmonology Medicine

If you’re running a search for “Pulmonary care near me”, chances are that time is of the essence. Pulmonary doctors, referred to as pulmonologists, are internists who have additional training which allows them to focus on the respiratory system. This includes the lungs, upper airways, thoracic (chest) cavity, and chest wall. Other physicians often consult […]

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